4 Best Fast Approve Ads Network For New Bloggers 2022

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Fast approve ads network for a new publisher that is into blogging. To start earning with your blog with little traffic is a good idea at first, while you increase your website visitors.

As a beginner, I know that, when you just created your blog, the first thing that comes to your mind after publishing a blog post is to start making money with the blog.

It’s possible, you can, and there are different ways you can make money with blogging. But the first one that comes to your mind is to use a fast approval ads network because it is the easiest to implement on a blog to start earning right away.

There are many ad networks out there, but the challenge is that many of them need you to meet some certain level or requirement before you can join their publisher partnership. Which are:

Most Advertisement Network Requirements

  • Pageview Some require you to have a certain number of page views, about 10,000 to 1 million page views. Adversal is an example of an ad network that requires such consent.
  • Sessions: Your website must generate a certain number of sessions before you’ll be welcomed into their program. An example of such an ad network that needs such requirements is Mediavine.
  • Unique Visitor: Every month, your website should receive a certain number of unique visitors. For example, your website must have ninety thousand visitors a month. Anything less than this, and you won’t be accepted. Mgid is an ad network that requires this.
  • Specific countries: Your website must receive traffic from top-tier countries. If you do not have it, then you won’t be accepted into their program, or even be approved. If you are approved, you won’t be able to earn effectively with them. An example of an ad network that targets some GEO parts is Medianet.
  • Specific niche: Some require you to focus on a particular niche before being accepted into their program. If you fail to comply with their rules, you might not be accepted into their program.

But all this doesn’t mean they are not great and fast advertising networks for new publishers.

They are instant to use, have no requirements, and can give you effective earnings.

It’s just challenging for a new blog to immediately start having 100 to 1,000 visitors immediately after lunch.

But it’s still possible in some ways if you do the right on-page and off-page SEO or use a good strategy to promote your blog on the best working social media platform for bloggers.


Among all the ad networks, AdSense is the best, but it’s difficult for you to get accepted into their program, that is what really does not make it a fast approval ads network.

For there are many rules and regulations you need to follow in order to meet their publisher policy, content policy, and advertising policy. e.tc.

But you will be instantly approved only when you follow the right procedure to get approval.

One thing I love about Adsense is that they don’t have any requirements but only need rules to be followed, and that makes it really tough to get approved.

As a new blogger, instead of letting your traffic go to waste while waiting for the day you’ll meet the requirements of other’s big ad network, go for an ad network that approves blogs quickly and starts earning with your little traffic while it grows.

Something is better than nothing. After all, you will need traffic and ads to earn good money.

No traffic No ads, no money, that’s how it works.

For a quick-approved ad network, In this article, you learn about those ad networks that approve blogs immediately.

4 Ads Networks With No Requirement That Approve Blog Instantly


Ezoic home page, fast approve ads network. Credit: Ezoic

Ezoic has now made it possible for beginners to monetize their websites and start making money with them.

The minimum requirements are not necessary anymore. With zero traffic, you’re welcome to their publisher program.

But before applying, be aware that your blog has to comply with Google AdSense rules and regulations. The reason is that Ezoic is partnering with Adsence, which means they are Adsence Alternative.

If your website does not comply with Adsence policy, it won’t be accepted in their program.

Don’t be freaked out; these rules are not difficult. You only need unique, helpful, and high-value content that’s free from plagiarism.

There is a list of plagiarism tools that will help to expose any copied words that are similar to someone’s content, which will cause a barrier to getting approval.

When checking your content with these tools, let me assume that, unfortunately, you find some copied words. Make sure you remove them completely or restructure them to be blameless, whenever they are revealing your website.

90/100% plagiarism is still accepted, but it’s better and assured to be 100% free from plagiarism.

I can tell that Ezoic is not strict as AdSense and it’s a fast approval ads network. Do the right thing, and then you are free to go.

This is the best AdSense alternative at the moment of writing this article.

EZOIC Payment Details

  • The publisher’s minimum redraw: As at the time this content is written, the minimum amount is $20 USD. This means once you have reached the minimum of $20, you can redraw your money. this is the best idea for a small growing site that is earning little or has little traffic.
  • The payment date for the publisher: Ezoic operates on a Net30 (30-days) schedule. You can redraw your funds after 30 days after the credited date, which means funds earned in January will be available for redraw at the end of February. 27th-31st of each month. But according to Ezoic terms, 45 days is the absolute maximum number of days for a payment to be made, due to different ad network cooperation with them.

The Ezoic Redrawer Method

There are different options you can choose from in ezoic, which include:

  • Receipt: Available for residents of the United States and Canada.
  • Payoneer prepaid card: Available in the majority of countries.
  • PayPal: Available in countries where PayPal is used.
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct bank transfer: US residents only.

As funds are credited in dollars, there might be a difference in commission when converting, as different payment methods change differently.

Join Ezoic

2. Adsterra

Adsterra Homepage, fast approve ads network. Credit: Adsterra

Adsterra has already accepted your blog before it’s even born, funny right?. All you need is to get a functioning blog and add some content from 5 upwards, which I believe you might already have.

However, if you do not have one yet, you can learn how to create a blog to get one up and running. and do the necessary requirements to get accepted with this fast approve ads network.

For years, they have been approving a lot of blogs. You can apply as long as you follow these rules, which are:

  • Have quality content free from hate speech, malware, e.t.c.
  • Your blog should be working fine. and well structured.
  • And many others. Check out their rules and regulations to see what will comply with their rules.

Payment Information for Adsterra

  • Payment Date: Payments are made twice a month, on 1-2 and 16-17 of each month, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm GMT. If the specified payment date falls on a holiday or a weekend, according to them on the nearest business day, it will then be processed.

Your account needs to reach the payment minimum redraw as stated below, according to the payment option you choose to redraw out your funds.

You have to wait two weeks after requesting for your funds to be credited to your account, and it’s automatic. You should complete your payment information before the payment period.

Adsterra Payment Method:

Here is the minimum redraw amount and available payment method to receive payment.

  1. WebMoney and Paxum have a $5 minimum redraw limit;
  2. Wire Transfer has a $1000 minimum redraw limit;
  3. PayPal, Tether, and Bitcoin have a $100 minimum redraw limit.

Join Adsterra

3. Propeller

PropellerAds homepage. Credit: PropellerAds

Propeller Ads is another best fast approved ads network that has been used for a long time by top established publishers as well as small publishers.

One fascinating thing about them is that you can use one code that offers multiple tags to earn lucrative money. Apart from multi-tag, you can use other ad formats one after the other that suit you.

You can use it in different niches, and it fully welcomes social media traffic. If you are driving traffic to your website and their ads are visible on your blog, you will earn a lot.

But be aware that bot traffic is not welcome. If you try to cheat by viewing multiple times and clicking to generate an impression or clicks, you will be kicked out of their program.

According to my experience, the average amount of money you can earn for 1000 views depends.

Pop-unders have lucrative money and pop up.

The best blog website that is best for this ad network is Downloading Website.

Where you are targeting matters for earning, The country where your blog is getting traffic from.

For tier 1 countries, you can get up to $5 above. But targeting tier 3 can give you the rate of $0.50 above. To earn lucrative figures, target tier 1 country mostly.

The signup process is not challenging. You will be able to understand the process for the first time. Just visit their registration page and register an account to start using their advertising network.

The minimum threshold is $25 and you can get paid via bank.

Details on Propeller Redraw

  • Minimum redraw: $5 USD for all aside;
  • Payoneer: $20 USD;
  • Wire: $550 USD.

Propellarads payment method

  • Webmoney Z.
  • Paypal.
  • Payoneer.
  • Skrill

The payment redrawer date varies depending on your status on their platform.

You can see that when you have registered an account. Visit your profile to see your account status.

Join Propellerads

4. PopAds

Popads homepage, fast approve ads network. Credit: Popads

Popads is one of the best fast approved ads networks in the industry, which doesn’t take time to get approved for their program.

Are you looking for ways to earn real money with your website or blog?  Then PopAds is there for you to get started with.

The sign-up process is less stressful and can be done in just a few minutes.

But note that your blog has to comply with their program.

  • Your website must not have other pop-up ads. If it does, it won’t be accepted.
  • Before applying, make sure you remove every other pop ad on your website. If you’ve done that, you’re free to apply for approval.
  • At least it must have enough content from about 10 upwards. If any scrab content is found, your applications will be declined.

PopAds Redraw Specifications:

  • The minimum redraw to get paid with Paypal is $5.
  • For wire transfer, it is $500

PopAds Payment Options:

  • Paypal wire transfer.
  • AlertPay
  • Credit Card Payment: This is only available if you are using Paypal or AlertPay.

You can set your account redraw method to automatic for an instant deposit to your included account details once you have reached their minimum payout.

To be able to redraw at the end of the month you have to reach their required minimum redraw, and also even if you have reached the minimum redraw and decided not to redraw your fund, your balance will be there any time you want to redraw it.

This fast approve ads network is best for a new website that’s just starting up and has low daily traffic.

I have used it, and their pay rate is satisfying even if you are getting traffic from even tier 3 countries.

According to my personal experience, I earn about a minimum of $0.50 cents per thousand impressions in low-paying countries.

As a result, it is not a bad choice for an ad network. For better earning potential, you should target top-level countries.

Join Popads


Your earnings will be carried out to the next month and it will be a plus, once you do not meet the minimum redraw in a month.

You don’t have to worry if you meet the minimum redraw or not as a new publisher with a low traffic volume.

Aside from knowing the best and fast approve ads network that accepts low traffic volume, you also need to keep building your traffic volume without relenting, just because a fast approve ads network is injected into your blog and displays ads.

Only when there is high volume traffic in both large and small ad networks you can determine the earning value of an ad network.

Which one of them are you planning to use on the list? Let me know your plan. You are free to ask any question, and you’ll get answers to your questions as quick as possible.

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