Adsterra Review: All You Need To Know Before Using It

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Adsterra Advertising Network _ Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers

Do you want to know all about this ads network? If it is suitable to use in order to earn with your website or as an advertiser to promote whatever you have in mind.

Here in this article, consigning this advertising platform will be explained in a clear form which is made for publisher and advertiser.

But before i move further to the main article, let first no some details about the advertising company called Adsterra before we dig more deeper.

Brief Details About Adsterra

Adsterra ads network company has been in the game for long which got established in the year 2013. 

Over the past and present years, Adsterra as turn out to be one of the fast growing company till date right now reading this article.  Well popularly know and used ad network having 25 billion impression per day and 100k successful campaign.

Which is friendly to newbies who are just starting a blog and professional website owners.

As a website owner joining their program you will enjoy your moment with them because is best AdSense alternative with good payment rate like AdSense.

Now it’s time we talk about adsterra review for publishers and advertisers. But I’m going to start from advertiser.

Adsterra Review For Publisher

If you want to advertise, adsterra is best for it. Also as a publisher that want to advertise.

Adsterra Ads Format For Advertiser 

As a advertiser you are giving privilege to promote whatever you have in mind. You are given more than one ads format to promote your product using their system. 

Here are the following ads format to run your campaign which are best and effective. 

  1. Popunder (top ad format)
  2. Social Bar 
  3. In-Page Push
  4. Native
  5. Video pre-rolls
  6. Banner

Adsterra Cost Model For Advertiser

Adsterra have about six model for advertiser to pay for campaign. Here are the cost model available for advertiser who are willing to use adsterra to advertise.

  1. CPA
  2. CPM
  3. CPI
  4. CPL
  5. RTB
  6. CPC

Adsterra Minimum Deposit For Advertiser For Campaign

The deposit to run campaign is quite high. But in other ways, suitable to run an effective advert because it can last well to make your campaign a successful one.

So to start campaign the minimum deposit is $100. But be aware you can put more than this amount to advance your campaign for more great reach.

Adsterra Payment Gateway For Campaign For Advertiser

To pay for campaign is not challenging in this platform. They have convenient payment option to use after you have set up campaign.

No need of thinking to create unfamiliar payment gateway.

The one listed I believe you have one of them because they are well popularly used.

  1. WebMoney
  2. Paxum
  3. Pay Pal
  4. Bank Wire Transfer
  5. Capitalist
  6. Banking Cards (constantly expanding) 

Adsterra Daily Impression

The total daily impression Adsterra have per day is 1 billion impression.

Adsterra Top Geo

Adsterra doesn’t base on a particular country to target. Their are everywhere to get your campaign exposes WorldWide

Adsterra Top Vertical For Advertiser

The list of top vertical with this ads network that performs well.

1. VPNs

2. Utilitie

3.  Subscription

4. Sweepstakes

5. Dating

6. Gambling

7. Adult paysites

8. Cams

9. Rating Distribution

Adsterra Targeting And Optimization

  1. Self-serve Platform
  2. GEO Targeting
  3. Device Targeting
  4. OS Targeting
  5. ISP/Carrier Targeting
  6. Broswer Targeting
  7. IP Targeting
  8. Website Targeting
  9. Language Targeting
  10. Time Targeting
  11. Category Targeting
  12. Demographic Targeting
  13. Retargeting
  14. Black/White List
  15. Frequency Capping
  16. Token
  17. Anti-Fraud
  18. Adult Ads
  19. Gambling Ads
  20. Personal Account Manager

In this next section, I will be reviewing adsterra for publisher. As I said it meant for advertiser and publisher. This are what to know about them as publisher

Review For Publisher

What Are The Benefit You Will Get For Joining Adsterra As a  Publisher

1. Quick to approve application

Adsterra welcome small and big website owners to register account with them. Even though you just create a new blog and you apply to be a publisher, you’ll still be accepted. 

And if your application being approved, as you create an ads tag, it’ll also be approved on time to monetize your Website.

You don’t need to wait for hours for it to be approved.

They have at the beginning ready to accept you small website until it gets well established having millions of traffic rushing in.

Suppose you have been rejected by other ads network because of one thing, primarily unique visitor, session, or page view. Adsterra will accept you with their whole arm.

2. Accounts don’t get quickly banned 

One thing about the ads network is after signing up and you have successfully placed their ads code in your website.

The ads banner or whatever ads format displaying life on your website. You have assured in mind that your account won’t get banned as a publisher without a good reason.

3. Flexible ads 

When you place Adsterra ads format on your blog. Your website will perfectly still work fine.  You won’t experience the speed draining down because of their ads displaying on your website.

Their ads are light and appear fast when visitors load every page.  Those who will visit your blog won’t be disturbed but feel comfortable reading your blog post.

Their ads display in any browser, old or new version, even if they are not capable enough.

The advantage of this is that you won’t lose any impression that will generate revenue for you. And also lose your ranking.

4. You have different ad formats to choose

As a publisher, you’ll be able to make profitable money with their ads because you have options to choose different prominent ads format, to earn revenue with your website. 

5. Anti-ad blocker 

Many internet users use ads blocker to stop ads from displaying on a website they visit to read the content. And this makes a lot of websites owner lose money.

With Adsterra intelligent system, the ads will always display even if the visitor turns on the ad blocker on their browser. 

6. Sufficient advertiser.

Adsterra has a wide range of advertisers using its platforms. What I am trying to bring out is that their ads will always be available 24/7 to make money no matter the traffic volume.

You won’t experience the ads disappearing on your websites when enough traffic is rushing in. All your traffic won’t be a waist but will convert generating revenues.

What Are Requirements To Get Accepted

You might ask does adsterra have requirements and how I will get adsterra approval.  

The honest review is that Adsterra has no requirements to be a publisher. They don’t check traffic or page views. Once you register your application, you will get accepted to start earning with your Website.

All you need is :

  •  Username
  •  Gmail
  •  Verified you’re the owner of the Website, and you’re free to go. 

But note, your Website must be free from all this if you adhere to this, no problem. 

Here are the things that can make your Website get disapproved if it’s based on this, which are: 

  1.  Adult content 
  2.  Violent materials such as guns, marchet, and other harmful materials.
  3.  A website that has bot traffic.
  4.  A site that talks about hatred speech consigning religious, race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation
  5.  Hacking site
  6.  Child trafficking 

Now that you’re aware, ensure you have made your Website free from all this listed before applying to be a member to earn with your Website.

How To Register Adsterra Account As a Publisher. 

1. Visit the Official Website 

Before you can sign up as a publisher, you need first to visit their official Website to create an account 

Their official URL is:

2. Locate and create new accounts.

After landing on the Website, locate the places written and create a new account.

3. Fill in your details. 

Your details will be required to proceed with the registration. You’ll be asked to fill in your username, Website, password, and Gmail.

4. Confirm the email

After the successful registration, Adsterra will notify you that an email has been sent to your provided email to confirm your account.

Visit your email and check the inbox or spam box to locate the Adsterra email sent. Follow the instructions to verify your account successfully, and you can then log in.

5. Sign in as a publisher. 

You need to put in your user name and passsword  to login your new register account to monetize your website.

6. Create a tag and start earning.

After following the procedure, it is time to do the main thing to earn with your Website. 

Create ads tag of your choice and insert it in your Website using an ads inserter. After following the procedure, the ads will display live on your Website.

What Is The Ad format For the Publisher?

They are multiple ads format to choose from as a publisher to earn with your Website.

And this ad format is suitable for all types of websites with attractive CPM and CPC rates.

Here are the types of ads format available to monetize your Website to earn with it.   

  1.  Banner
  2.  In page push
  3.  Native ads
  4. Vast
  5.  Pop-under
  6.  Social Bar

What Are The Cost Model To Get Paid?

Here are the ways Adsterra pay their Publisher whenever activity occurs in the ads visible on your Website. They have multiple options for this.

  1.  CPC
  2.  CPM
  3.  CPI & CPA
  4.  CPL

One thing I don’t like about Adsterra is that some display ads require visitors to take action. If you receive click only when it is action that is needed to be taken, you won’t get paid for it. However, this doesn’t simply means Adsterra is not a good ads network. 

What The Minimum Payouts With Adsterra and Their Charges.

Adsterra doesn’t base on a particular minimum redraw because they use a different payment gateway to pay all Publishers using their platform. Every payment gateway has its minimum redraw and personal fees, which are : 

  1.  Webmoney : $5 – 0,8 %
  2.  Paxum: $5 
  3.  Pay Pal : $100 – 2- 5 %
  4.  Bitcoin: $100 
  5.  Wire: $1000 

What Are The Payment Option To Get Paid? 

This company has a different benefiting options that are popularly used to receive money if you have acquired the minimum redraw.

To receive funds after you have met up with the minimum threshold is through the following which are :  

  1.  Webmoney
  2.  PayPal 
  3.  Paxum
  4.  Bitcoin
  5.  Bank Transfer.

What Is The Payment Date To Receive Money? 

When it comes to payment, Adsterra is fast in this aspect. They don’t delay in paying those who have acquired the minimum threshold.

The deliver every Publisher money on the Net 15. Which is a convenient date to get paid as a publisher. 

What Is Adsterra Affiliate Program Commission?

You can also earn by inviting new people to the program. You will earn 5% affiliate commission from every person that registers using your affiliate link.

If you’re good at inviting people, it is an excellent strategy to earn apart to monetize your Website or blog. If you are lucky, you can end up inviting someone that will be making huge money with Adsterra.

As they earn and when it’s time for them to get paid. You will collect a 5% commission on their earnings. And this commission is powerful cause it is a lifetime commission. 

The Amount Adsterra Pay Per Click And For Impression? 

If you’re using them, this is the expected rate to receive per click or thousand impressions. But note that this varies according to advertiser budget, time, devices, and other factors.

Country        Rate
Tier 1 Their tier 1 countries’ click rate range from $0.10 upward.
  For per thousand impressions, rate $3 upward.
Tier 2 For per click rate range from 0.05 to $3.
  For per thousand impression rate $0.20 above.
Tier 3 For per click rate range from 0.03 to $1.
  For per thousand impression rate is 0.003 to $0.20.

Adsterra Customer Care

Always Adsterra customer care is very responsive to their advertiser and Publisher.

I have worked with them for many years. And I can tell you from my experience they are one of the best.

My friends and I were using Adsterra together. It got a time my Website earnings were low ( not this Website) while my friend’s revenues were growing great. But my traffic surpasses his own but still poor earning. 

I have to contact them to discuss it to know if I am doing something wrong that leads to poor earnings.

Honestly, it was a female lady I was talking to about the issue. She talks to me nicely and gives me steps to follow to solve the problem. 

And again, I was having a problem with their ads that have malware. For a short time, they resolve it quickly.

If I start to write about how good their customer care is, this article will be so long. I want to keep it short and simple. 

Note you can always chat with them if you need support. Their customer care is always available 24/7

The Pros And Cons Of Adsterra 

Pros of using adsterra

  1.  Easy to join because no restrictions on traffic or page view are needed.
  2.  Adsterra is not an advertising network that you’ll find hard to use the platform when you join as you register a new account.
  3. Choosing the ad format to earn with your Website is not tricky.
  4.  The CPM and CPC rates in all ad networks are essential because the higher the speed, the easier and faster it is to make huge money.
  5. Adsterra is the idea choice because their CPM and CPC are good enough to earn fast. Their rate is still attractive to compare with other top ads network. 
  6. You have a high chance of earning with Multiple ads format 

The Con Of Using Adsterra

The minimum withdrawal is high for other payment methods. It will be hard for those with low traffic to acquire the minimum target, but if you choose to redraw using paxum, the minimum redraw is low to acquire on time.

You need sufficient traffic to earn well, and the traffic should be mostly in tier 1 countries.

And again, not all types of niches work best for it. In the next section, you’ll know those type of site is best for this ads network.

Website Niche That Work Best For Adsterra.

As earlier said, not all website niche work best with adsterra. If you use a niche that doesn’t support it, the earnings will be so poor, but when you use a niche that supports it, the profits will be impressive. 

Here is the list of websites that perform well with adsterra. You’ll get the best results when you monetize your site with their ads. 

Others not listed can still use it for their website. But be aware it will not give you the best results as all this listed.

Also country you target also matters. You can target some country you won’t get better result. For example, African countries know to have low paying CPM and CPC this also happen on other’s ads network.

But targeting countries like South African audiences have high CPM rates.

However, this are the website that work best for Adsterra.

  •  Online movies
  •  File host
  •  URL shorter
  •  Anime
  •  Adult site
  •  Download site
  •  Sport streaming
  •  Hentai
  •  Converter video host

Final Taught: Is Adsterra Legit or Scam?

Adsterra has undoubtedly been a trusted site to get paid when using them. They don’t cheat their members if only you go against their policy.

As a website owner, if you remain loyal to them by following their terms and conditions, you have no problem using them. 

The only line that can bring problems for you is if you go against their rule, which is normal to make their platform a better place for advertisers and publishers. 

To date, many publishers are using it. Once any website owner gets rejected by AdSense or any other high paying ads network, they switch to Adsterra to monetize their website. But they are ways to get AdSense approval.

If you are looking for a good ads network for small Publishers, Adsterra is among them in the list. But remember, not all niche work best for it, so not to be a surprise for the outcomes. So that’s all for Adsterra’s review. 

Have you used it before, what is your personal experience working with them? If you no any nagetive experience with them, let us know using a comment section.

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