Adversal Review: Complete Details for the publisher – Legit or Scam

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Adversal - The Native Advertising Platform

Adversal is one of the best advertising ads networks on the internet, which is favourable for small publishers and advertisers.

A long-time ad network in the advertising industry that has gotten the massive experience to give the best.

Besides that, Adversel has a different potential for publishers to earn and advertisers to get a satisfying result.

In this article am going to list everything you need to know about this ads network called Adversal.

So let’s get started.

In this section, you are going to learn the good benefit of working with them.

Reasons why You Should Use Adversal.

You need to use this ad platform because they are an old, well-established ad network and have maintained an excellent reputation to favour all registered members and advertisers.

That is if you join you’ll be pleased with them.

The minimum withdrawal is low, which a small publisher can acquire on time to enjoy the money. The minimum payment threshold is $100. 

If your website fully meets their criteria. Your application will instantly be approved.

They have a suitable payment option and the best cost model you’ll love, their pay for impression and per click.

Adversal Requirements To Get Accepted As a Publisher.

Unfortunately, Adversal has some requirements to meet before you can be accepted into their program.

Suppose your website doesn’t meet up their requirements. You can later return to register if your website now has the minimum requirements.

They are always open 24 hours to accept whosoever website has the requirement. For a short time, you can achieve it to start using them to monetize your website.

However, the requirement to get accepted as a publisher is 50,000 impressions per month. It can be easy for new website owners to accomplish when promoting his\her website blog. And also;

  • A Domain name.
  • Free from malware, piracy, or anything illegal.
  • No adult content.
  • No restriction with login or maintenance mode.

What Are Adversal Cost Model For Paying?

The cost model they’ll pay you is the following which are:

  •  CPM.
  •  Pay-per-click CPC.

Adversal Ads Format For Publisher

Adversal has different ad formats you can start earning with, using your website as a publisher. The ads format available for you to use are:

  1.  Pop-under ads.
  2.  Serving PPC.
  3.  Sponsored posts.
  4. Native.
  5. Video.
  6. Display.

Official Website And How To Register As a Publisher.

This ads network official website.

Register as a publisher to start earning with your website. You need to visit their official website, which is

After that, locate the registration page to register an account.

Fill in your detail which are:

  • Website.
  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Email Address.
  • Username.
  • Country.
  •  Your preferred payment options.
  • Google Recaptcha.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.

Then if you have filled in the necessary details click the submit button.

Adversal Minimum withdrawal For Publisher

The minimum redraws to get paid in this advertising company is $20 only. One’s you have earned $20 above, they will pay you according to the payment option you choose and the date of payment.

What Is Adversal Payment Date?

The Adversal advertising program has its payment date, which differs from some advertising companies.

This date is when all the publishers whose accounts have reach the minimum threshold will get paid.

The date Adversal delivers every publisher money is on Net 35.

What Is Adversal Payment Option?

Adversal has different payment options, which are convenient to use because this option is a popular payment gateway used in other ad networks.

Here is a list of payment gateway available for publishers in the Adversal program. Which are:

  1.  PayPal.
  2.  Check.
  3. ACH.
  4.  Bank transfer.

Referral Commission Rate?

Adversal has other methods you can earn from apart from monetizing a website with pop-unders, sponsor posts, and serving PPC.

You can also make money by just inviting friends and strangers to their program.

Whenever you bring in a new publisher or advertiser who successfully registers using your affiliate link.  You will earn a 10% commission for a lifetime.

Adversal Support Team.

They have a responsive support team to help you whenever you have a problem using the platform. So in this aspect, you will get a good experience with them.

Conclusion: is it a legit or a scam ads network?

Before I entered the blogging business, I heard about this ad network from other top bloggers who have been in the blogging sphere for a long time.

At that time, I was searching for others AdSense alternatives because I was planning to start a blog.

I started searching to know more about Adversal to know if it is reliable.

Because knowing more about an ad network is one of the most valuable aspects to do before signing any advertising or publisher program to avoid wasting your time.

Throughout my investigation, Adversal is a legitimate ads network. You can use it to start earning money with your website.

The people using it are well confident with them, receiving their payment.

As someone who wants to monetize his website to earn, you can try them out to see for yourself.

Their ads have been one of the best AdSense alternatives. If you have used Adversal before and it has benefited you or, in one way as done a wrongful thing to you.

Do let us know using the comment below. For us to learn more from your experience. I will appreciate it not only for me but also for Mazinpro readers to benefit from it.

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