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Everyone’s mood varies each day due to activities of life and moment of life, even the atmosphere also changes people’s mood.

For example, In the middle night, everyone must go indoors to sleep and so on, in the evening (night) everyone must close their business to go home and sleep for the next day.

At this time you don’t expect people out because it’s a law, that is how it is in knowing when to post in opera hub, so as to get your article interacted by readers to drive in more clicks.

One sweet thing about social business is: 

  • Night does not affect people patronizing you, just with their phone,  they can read your content from anywhere in the world.
  • You are not limited to your area to earn.

Opera mini hub is where to make money. You need to take it very seriously. To earn, you have to know all strategies to make use of, in order to come out with flying colors.

Just like there is some practice that’ll make you rich in life while some will make you unsuccessful. 

If you have registered to be an opera mini hub writer, it’s so important for you to know the right time to post. Because of some certain reason. I believe you won’t like to experience such because they are frustrating and unbearable.

In the next section, are the important reason you need to post at the right time. 

The Important Of Posting In The Right Time

It Increases impression

It is said that the first-day article is being checked and approved, it will perform well by getting a huge impression.

This means it has been exposed to a lot of readers on the opera news hub platform. Which will give it a  great chance to get huge clicks and comments because they are newly fresh.

If you post an article in the opera news hub at the wrong time of the day, your article will get low impressions.

You won’t get a good impression which can help to make your post have a beneficial result. 

But if you post at the right time your article will be exposed to a lot of readers and drive in more clicks.

Impressive click

Article posted at the right time will generate many impressions and this lead to more impressive click that will make you earn good money for that day because a lot of opera mini app users are active at that moment. 

Before the post goes saturated, at least your article will have gotten almost the full clicks. For you are not the only content creator,  even before others. 

By posting at the wrong time you’ll get depression clicks that will melt your heart and this means you won’t make money.

Now, that you know this it’s time to know the Best time to post on Opera News Hub.

The Best Time To Post On Opera Mini Hub

Best time to post in opera hub

1. Morning Time

The recommended time that performs well is around 6:00 a.m down to 7:00 a.m. At this time opera mini users come online to read the latest fresh update. 

Everyone love to know what is new in town. I also do check the news update in the morning time.

I consider this time the best hour to get the latest information. Even without you thinking to read any article. The notifications alone that pop up will trigger you to click.

2. Evening Time

8 pm down to 9 pm is also the best time to write and publish content in opera mini hub news editors. 

At this time after the stress of the day, they will love to catch fun to entertain themselves.

As a creator, if you can’t meet up in the morning time, to avoid writing low-value, and wasting time on articles with no click and engagement, target this time for massive results. 

How do I know this time is the best to post an article on opera news hub?

According to opera mini hub editors, they made it known that those times are when they see people being active the most. 

They are the owner so they know all to help writers do it right. They have things like Google analysts to monitor what’s going on with their website. They also have much to monitor what’s going on.

It’s a business for writers and they don’t want to lose the right target or else it will be a mess. That’s why they are eager to publish posts on time in the morning and in the evening.

So, now that you’re aware, take the publishing seriously. What is the excess of posting at the wrong time when it’s not giving engagement and converting into money? 

I believe your first agenda is to earn good figures. So do it right and set a calendar for when to post and when not to post. 

Best time to post on Opera News Hub by days of the week

You know well all days in a week are not equal. Monday the first day of the week is known to be a busy day for business, while Sunday is known as worshiping day. Each day is spent in different ways. 

For example, on Sunday most people don’t use their phones until they are back from church. But Monday down to Saturday are busy days. 

Here is a breakdown of the week that is best to post content. The first one on the list is:

  • Sunday : 10am to 2pm
  • Monday : 6:00 a.m down to 8:00 p.m and around 9:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday : 6:00 a.m, 7:00 a.m, and 9:00p.m.
  • At Wenasday : 6:00 a.m down to 7:00 a.m.
  • Thursday : 6:00 a.m, 7:00 a.m, 8:00 p.m and 9:00 
  • Friday : Saturday:6:00 a.m, 7:00 a.m, 8:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m.


Time is important in whatever we are doing. By doing it right you will earn massive. The opera mini team editor has given a glance to know what’s up. 

Now it is over to you to take the massive advantage to scale height in it to avoid the lower part.

Most of this time, I believe one of us will be less busy at this time. I wish you good luck. 

To you which of the time is best for you right now, and what time you have been using. Or which of the time you have posted, and it has been a nightmare. 

Use the comment section, let’s discuss. It will be greatly helpful for others to learn from you.

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