13 Real Differences Between The Rich And The Poor Mindset

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Are you willing to know the difference between the rich and the poor? In order to know the ways, you need to improve your step and position your attitude as the rich people do?.

Attitude in one’s life matters a lot. The way you place your lifestyle will be the outcome of your life. Either by the rich or poor lifestyle, you will surely see the outcome of it.

If you choose to act as the rich do, and you don’t know their differences, you might think you’re walking on the right attitude of the rich, not knowing you are still on the pattern of poor people.

But don’t worry, In this article, the exact differences between the rich and poor have been written, for you to guide your footsteps to start living your life in a positive way. 

Let’s now know the difference.

Different Between The Rich And The Poor

1. Rich people don’t watch much Tv poor people do.

The rich people, don’t base their full time on Tv. Even if they want to watch, they limit the time they spend on movies and use the remaining to read books.

They love reading books so much that they have to build a book library in their house.

But the poor can watch movies from morning till night, and be able to narrate every line in the movies, and also tell you the latest movies coming out, they even build a film library in their house or devices (internal or external storage).

To them, they don’t find books interesting. Even if they want to read, they’ll go for unproductive books. For example, magazines, storybooks, novels, gossip, news .e.t.c.

2. They don’t blame but poor people do

Poor people are good at accusing the government and even the demon saying that they’re the causes of their problems, they just love pointing fingers at people.

Although, it might be true. The government supposes to provide for their needs, or resources needed for them to meet their needs.

But the rich don’t practice such. They already understand the fact that government is not capable to change their life in the way they want.

With that mindset, they don’t judge but rather forgive them. And work on themselves to become the successful person they want to be.

3. Rich work long term, poor people want now.

The problem of poor people is that they are always in a hurry to become rich. Without first knowing the law of money.

Their own is to get it now.

When their money is growing little by little they’ll complain. They need millions at once. They don’t believe in little beginning that’s why they spend any money that comes their way. 

Their dream is always to get miracle money “I wish I just see millions now”.

All because of that they get scammed easily. they have forgotten that the rich started small.

The rich don’t act in such a manner. They think of the long-term goal, and work towards it, as long as it’s legit and has a feature they believe in.

Note one thing: The rich always work smart when it comes to business because they know how to grow a successful business and a sure stream of lasting flow of income.

If the money is small. They’ll find more ways to increase it.

4. The rich don’t wish bad, poor people do.

The poor are always full of hatred. Whenever they discover their fellow one is becoming successful or doing well in his\her business, career, or academy, they will begin to develop hatred.

Thinking evil, planning, and wishing the person negative things. All because they are not up to that person-level, they can’t befriend and have a good mindset towards that person.

They love people being in the same position and category as they are or below. Instead of them planning and working to become successful as the person did, no they won’t.

The rich never have such an attitude, neither thinking to have that kind of mentality. Instead of them getting jealous or hating the person, they will shower praises, celebrating the person’s success. 

Why? because they truly understand that if they wish the person good, things that are good will never be far from them but will always run to them.

As you sow, you reap ~ Galatians  6:7-6

They will not only celebrate the person, they’ll secretly or stylishly call or ask the person questions to get the secret that makes them come out being successful. And use all the steps given to them.

5. Rich sees the future. Poor see worst future.

The rich people calculate the things they’re doing that’s taking them somewhere great. Even if they’re passing through a tough time, they don’t give up, instead, they stand up and continue. 

But to the poor, it is a different case. They will even curse the future ten thousand times.

One’s their facing hard time, instead of them putting more effort into what guarantees great futures to them, they will give up and go for a job for fast money, paycheck to paycheck.

Never give up trying to build the world you can see, even if others can’t see it. ~ Simon Sinek

6. Poor people obey fear, rich don’t

Fear is the highest commander to the poor, they obey it 24/7, and it’s giving them direction on how they should live their life. 

Don’t do this or that they will obey it, and they know full well that fear won’t lead them to their glory. 

For example:

  1. Out of fear they will be afraid to chase their career.
  2. Due to what’s happening to others in what they are about to invest in, they won’t believe in positive experiences, to themselves out of fear.
  3. Be afraid to risk.
  4. When it’s about time they need to do away with the old life and start a new one, fear will hold them down.
  5. They always believe, they will always fail, seeing others already there better than them.
  6. Afraid to face crowds to showcase their talent e.t.c.
  7. What if, it’s always their first thinking whenever they are about to embark on a journey (career, job, talent e.t.c).

Note: Not all risks are to be invested in, you can check out what should and what should not be risked.

But wealthy people don’t have time to obey fear nor to make it their friend. They love to live fearless life. They know fully well that fear has caged so many glories down, people who are supposed to be great in life.

In that case any time fear comes to test them, they kick it off. That’s why they’re always capable to do great things in life.

7. They spend wisely, the poor never do

The poor believe that to be rich is all about spending money, dressing, buying a flashy car, and living in a beautiful house. But unknown to them they’re making big mistakes.

I am not saying that the rich don’t participate in this, they do even with high quality, but one thing you should know is that they live within their means, if not they will become broke (Out of cash).

To be rich is not about spending, but having different sources of income flowing in. That’s why rich people spend money on assets so much, working hard to make themselves richer.

While the poor spend their money on liability instead of assets to enjoy themselves as quickly as possible, without securing a successful and rich life.

But the rich managed their finance to become rich, and still managed their money even if they are already rich. They spend on their size.

8. Rich hungry for more.

The rich are always hungry for more. One’s they have made millions in their account. They won’t still be satisfied. They are always out to work and create more to increase the amount to million-plus continuously.

But one’s poor people have sum little amount in their accounts, they won’t be bothered to get more. Their attitudes will now change negatively, acting proud, showing people signs that they now have a good amount in their bank account.

They will start using words like:

  1. who are you?
  2. it seems you don’t know me well.
  3. How much do you even have?
  4. I don’t care.
  5. Let chill e.t.c.

9. Rich people are action takers, poor are not

It’s not that the poor lack idea for great things, the difference between the rich and the poor is that the poor people don’t love putting their words into action. 

They buried their dream in order not to face the challenges, or procrastinate until the idea becomes lost, or someone else invent it.

But the rich never do such. Immediately an idea comes in, they will work to make it happen fast.

10. Rich go for big things, the poor do normal things

After knowing the truth that those who do low-income work will still remain poor, the poor will still invest in it. 

They won’t like trying new things to change their position. But the rich go for big lasting things that can be passed on to the next generation. 

Poor people do what’s common in their community, as long as they see others making some income from it. To them, the way to achieve the dream is easier and assured, they won’t think twice than to do it.

While rich people do some surveys on the high stream income business that can give them huge money if they invest into it, job or business that are not common but guarantee good feature.

11. Rich people search for opportunities

As you’ve already known that the rich are not satisfied, since money won’t kill but poverty kills. The rich are still on a search looking for opportunities to add to what they already have. 

The poor are comfortable and are not searching, leaving happily in their comfort zone.

12. Rich people follow mentors

Every successful people have someone who inspires them. They know full well that if they’ve got a mentor they’ll learn useful things that will be imparted to them. 

But the poor don’t have one. Sometimes they count mentors as greedy sets of people who came to make money from them, acting like they are better than them, or other improper taught.

13. The Rich make money from their team, the poor don’t

The wealthy people have already understood how money work. They know that for them to be financially capable, they’ve to be masters over money.

This means making money to work for them, by creating different sources that will bring in money without needing their attention.

The rich always go out to create opportunities for the poor, to provide for them financially and at the same time making money through them.

But the poor are not thinking in such a manner. They love running a self-business, some are not even building opportunities but running from pillar to post to work for money, using their body and strength for jobs, thinking it’s the best way to overcome poverty which is wrong.

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. ~ Estée Lauder

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. ~ W. P. Kinsella

Now that you know the difference between the rich and poor. It’s time to advance your mentality and attitude in the way of the rich people.

I hope this article has helped you understand they are differences. If you have any difference you believe is missing in this article, I will love to hear from you, kindly use the comment box below.

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