Guide: How To Spend a Night Alone At Home Without Fear

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Staying at night alone

Staying alone at night looks scary. Your mind will be full of different thoughts like;

  • Will someone carry me away?
  • Can I stand the whole night alone?
  • Am so scared about where I can spend the night. 

You don’t need to be afraid After all, the idea of staying at home is also sweet. However, If you are still scared and need confidence.

In this article, I have put together things that will help your mind be bold and feel comfortable whenever you are alone at night.

But note that you have to apply it so that the word can work for you.

Method On How To Stay Alone In The Night Without A Fear 

1. Know where your parents are going first.

Before your parents leave the house. it is important you know where your parents are going,  and at which particular time they will be back.

Don’t try to ignore this, because when you know your parents where about, it will boost your confidence especially when you know the time they will come back home.

2. Tell your parents to inform your neighbor

Before your parents leave the house, you have to tell them that, they should inform your neighbor.

But make sure your family and your neighbor are in a good relationship or the particular one they want to inform.

When your Neighbor is aware, they will like to check on you from time to time. You will always be on their mind.

And also if your parents will spend many days there. You can tell your parents to allow you to stay with them.

But if that idea did not suit you, then you don’t need to.

3 . Have your parents phone number

Before your parents leave the house, make sure you have your parent’s number and your trusted neighbor’s number.

In case you decide to stay at night alone in your house or want to talk to them about something.

Having your parent’s number or trusted neighbor number, will help you have confidence. For with full confidence you believe you can reach them at any time.

4. Lock every doors and windows

Immediately after your parents leave the house, make sure you go round and Lock the doors and the windows, ensure they are properly locked.

When you successfully look at all the doors and windows, you’ll believe that nobody will be able to enter the house. 

You will feel more protective in your heart. If anything makes a hard noise in the door you will know that it is something else. 

Throughout the whole night don’t open the door for an unfamiliar person you don’t recognize. Even if you know the person.

You have to ask him questions like;

  • How may I help you?
  • What is he/she looking for in this late hour and other questions you can contact your neighbor immediately with your phone for help.

If the person is a stranger, or you know him/her, tell him/her to come when the sun has set (in the morning).

4. Know your country’s emergency number off head

It is important you know the list of emergency contacts in your head, because of some emergency purpose.

If something goes wrong, you can quickly make a call. 

You can search it online and write it in a book, or ask your parents before they leave the house.

If they have already left, you can call them to ask for the number.

It is really important to have them in case of any problems. You also need to know your parent’s number and that of your neighbor so you can give them a call in case of an emergency.

Emergency Agent Like;

  • Street security
  • Watch man
  • Police

5.  Prepare some nice things to eat

One of the methods to chill yourself is to prepare something you love to eat or drink. So you can enjoy it when you are all alone in the house.

You can eat fruits, vegetables and granola bars or biscuits, peanut, butter, sandwiches, crackers, trail mix, and many more.

Just make your mouth dance that night, it won’t make you think negatively but it will boost your mind.

6.  Agree to yourself nothing is going to happen

When you boost your confidence and conclude in your mind that you won’t do silly things and won’t be scared, you are going to feel determined in your heart.

Courage is the best answer to boost confidence. Courage helps to take the fear away.

With courage, you will feel bold like a man who never thinks that something is coming for him,  He sleeps confidently and wakes up safe.

7. Keep your mind out of dirty imaginations

If you want to stay at home without being scared you have to stop any negative imagination that wants to enter your mind.

Imagining anyhow can bring negative thoughts.

Whenever you look at something in the house it will look different, you will start imagining false things if what you are seeing will move.

For instance, When you look at a cup it will look like a snakes head.

There is nothing coming to you, it is the imagination that is making you think crazy.
If you stop imagining, your mind won’t go through those evil thoughts.

My experience;

I remembered when I was still young, when I was in the toilet, then I saw something move, my heart totally went up, I was very scared.

I waited for a few minutes, then I encouraged myself to point the touch light towards it. After I pointed the touch light, I discovered it’s nylon.

Since that day I have decided to stop imagining nonsense.

Evil Imagination will want to occupy your mind, So that you will be serious about him and lose control.

Try as much as possible to take away dirty thoughts.

8. Don’t look outside through the window at night being alone

Looking outside the window in the middle of the night will make you feel terrified.

You might see something outside that may scare you, which will make you be thinking bad things like, you saw a ghost outside.

To avoid such a thing, close all the house windows and doors, don’t make any attempt to open the window in the middle of the night.

Never think to open until the sun rises, in order to avoid negative imagination that causes fear.

9 . Keep yourself busy

To avoid being afraid when you are alone at night is to make yourself busy. You can use the night to do important things.

As you begin to do those things you love most with fun and excitement, Your mind will be focused on one position, they won’t be any chance to judge things around you.

There are the following ways to make yourself busy which are:

  1. Read books: There are millions of books to read. If you have one that you haven’t read, then start reading them to ensure you are occupied, than to be less busy at night.
  2. Media: If you do not have any books, pick up your phone and browse the internet. There are millions of things available on the internet.
  3. Watch TV or Stream online: Watch something that is very entertaining. They are lot of fun movies, skit, comedy e.t.c. to watch online in different categories. Few examples are action movies, documentaries, comedies, love movies, dancing and music, and many others. If you don’t have data you can watch your TV.
  4. Play game: There are different types of games you can play that are available in the Google play store, turn on your data and download different types of games, and experiment with them to know which one you enjoy most. They are free and paid app. To download more app without spending much, download the free application.

10. Switch ON the particular room light you are

Switch ON the light,when you are alone at night, for you to see everything around you clearly, But make sure the windows are well closed and covered, in order for light not to pass through the window and shine outside.

Staying in the dark can bring fear to your mind. But when there is light, whenever you see something, you won’t immediately judge it as evil, because there is light in the house and you can see everything around you.

There is so much more confidence in the light than in the dark, So switch on the light to feel confident within your heart.

But note, Don’t turn all the house lights on. So that people outside won’t see all the house lights fully turn ON, Just turn ON the light where you are at that particular time.

And again: Make sure you cover the window, for people or anyone not to pip through it at night to see you. And if you feel confidence turning it off, you can.

11. Have your phone beside you at night alone

To avoid being scared, when you are alone in the house, You have to put your phone beside you.

The purpose of this is that whenever anything occurs, you will be able to access your phone quickly, without searching for it first, to make use of it.

Doing this will put confidence in your heart and put away worries because you will have this kind of feeling that you can call anybody immediately with speed dial.

Whenever anyone calls you at night and you don’t know the person’s number, you should not answer the phone call or when you hear a knock on your door in the middle of the night, don’t open.

12.  Have a standard bright flashlight on your side

Don’t use a type of flashlight with low brightness whenever you point to something.

Don’t use an unstable light that will turn ON and OFF. It is important you have a flashlight that is working properly, and shining very brightly.

When you are all alone, keep a flashlight nearby, for whenever you need it, You will be able to access it. It is also important you keep it beside you when you want to sleep.

The importance of having a good flashlight is that whenever you point at something the light won’t turn OFF. You will be able to view something quickly in the dark, and you can use it to move around in the dark. But a bad flashlight can terrify you.

13. Avoid watching scary movies alone at night

When you are alone don’t watch scary movies full of zombies and bloodshed. Watch movies that is full of fun, something that will make you laugh.

Movies with comedy won’t make you worry when you are all alone but scary movies will increase the fear.

14.  Sleep

If you can’t stand it, staying alone, what you have to do is to;

  1. Close all the doors and windows.
  2. Have your flashlight beside you.
  3. Have your cell phone on your side.
  4. Turn ON the room light.
  5. Then go to bed.

When next you feel awake, it will be morning already.

Also, Sometimes you might find it difficult to  fall asleep, because you are still scared, for you don’t want anything to touch you.

Try to find something to do that is very boring so that you can feel dizzy and fall asleep.

You can also play some music and keep the sound very low, this will make you feel better in your heart.

When you are sleeping at night alone, your mind won’t focus on negative thinking.

Note: For you to be alone does not mean you should do what is against your parent. Respect your parents. Don’t break their law.

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