How To Create PayPal Account With Payment Method

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Opening a PayPal account is relatively easy.

Their design makes it very simple to create a Paypal account, but the truth is, not everyone can set it. You can find clear instructions on opening one for yourself in this article.

With the help of Paypal, you can shop online at any website without having to input your credit or debit card details.

To create a PayPal account and add a payment method to start making a purchase of your choice, transferring to friends and family, and receiving it yourself, below are the guide.

How To Create A PayPal Account

Visit the official Paypal website 

Before you can create a Paypal account, you must visit PayPal’s official website. Their official website is where you can take steps to open a new account for yourself. 


You can create a PayPal account with any browser that supports it. We have different of them. Use the one best for you.

Top browsers like chrome are good to use for signing a new account. An incapable browser won’t make the signing-up process friendly.

Be aware that PayPal is available for web and application. If you are an Android user, you can download the PayPal app in google Playstore. For iOS users, it is available in the apple store.

Download the app for your device store if you would instead use a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Locate the signup button

After opening a browser and navigating to their official website.

Locate the signup button. It is one of the oval buttons in the page upper right corner. Click on the signup button to visit the registration page.

For laptop view, this is the location of the signup button, according to the marked red. 

PayPal desktop signup button location

Suppose you are using a mobile phone to register an account. This example shows where the signup button is located. 

PayPal mobile signup button location

Although, locating the signup button is not challenging. Suppose you are good at internet stuff. You can quickly find it.

Choose the type of PayPal account you want to open

There is two account type you can choose from when you join up for Paypal. Which are:

  1. Personal account: With this account, you can receive payment, shop online anywhere Paypal is accepted, and send money to whosoever that interests you. The requirements to open this account are a valid email, full name, phone number, and your area address.
  2. Business account: This account is suitable for anyone running a business to receive money through PayPal.

Choose according to your desire. If you are running a business and wish to accept Paypal at the cash register or on your website, a business PayPal account is best. 

If you open a personal account and have a change of mind to convert it to a business account, you can convert your personal PayPal account.

Note: A personal account can always be changed into a business account at a later time, but the reverse is not possible. Choose according to what you need it for. 

Type your actual phone Number

 After selecting the account type you wish to open, You will be asked to input your phone number if you select a personal account to confirm your identity.

If it’s a business account you are setting up, you will be asked to input your email address as soon as you click on next.

Your number will be entered, after which you will receive an SMS verification code sent to it.

Use a proper mobile number since entering the incorrect phone number would prevent you from receiving the verification code that was supplied to you.

Input the PayPal code sent to you

Suppose you have gotten the confirmation code. You should put it inside the unfilled box and confirm it.

Then after that, you’ll be taken to the next section, in which you will be asked to input more details after the code has been verified.

In case you are setting up a business account, you can skip this step.

Enter your login information and password

After inputting and confirming the code, you will be prompted to submit your complete data. Which are;

  • Name: This is the name you will use to sign up for your PayPal account whenever you need it.
  • Password: Make sure the password you enter is something you can easily remember because it is what you are going to use to log in next time. Although, you can still recover back your password. But in my opinion, that is a wrong concept.

Depending on the sort of account you’re opening, you’ll need to enter somewhat different data.

Note: Use your entire legal name when setting up a personal account to prevent problems when moving money to and from your bank account.

Click on the next button to proceed once you have finished entering all the necessary data.

If you’re setting up a Paypal business account, provide your company address and all other necessary information.

Agree on PayPal Terms and conditions

After completing the required form, they will ask you to agree to their terms and policies before you can use PayPal. You will then have a Paypal account up and running, ready to use if you accept them.

How To Add Payment Method To Your PayPal Account

Credit card Payment method

Once you have successfully created a PayPal account for yourself and want to add a payment method to it, here is the guide.

Login to your Paypal account

If you recently opened your account, you’ll likely be prompted to link your bank account, though you can sign in right away by visiting their official website https//, and click on the registration button to log in.

You can send money to anyone using a payment option that has been added to Paypal. Without connecting a bank account or credit card.

Money can only be moved from one bank to another if your bank account and Paypal are linked. You’ll only be able to receive or send money to another PayPal account its no account is linked.

Click on the wallet tap.

You can find this on the page top.

Select money. Check the menu and click the Pay&get options at the top of the page if you made a business account or have converted your account to a business account.

Click on the link. Add a card or bank account.

Its position is near the top of the page.

Select the type of account you want to link

Click on add a debit or credit card link to attach any payment card. This choice is intended for online shopping.

Additionally, you can add:

  • Master card.
  • Americal Express.
  • A prepaid gift card from verve.
  • And more, discover them using the option.

You can also add other payment options to your account. At the moment, add one.

For a bank account to be linked, click the link a bank account button, and fill up the required details. This method is useful to redraw your fund out of Paypal to your personal account or company checking account.

Choose your bank account.

If you decided to link a bank account or have a debit or credit card that was issued by a bank, then check to see whether your bank is mentioned.

If you can’t find the logo, you can search for it by name using the provided search bar.

To instantly link your account, enter its login details if your bank is among those that are mentioned.

Login to your account by entering its details

If you find your bank account from the list, log in and confirm as directed by the on-screen prompts. If your bank account Is not mentioned, you’ll need to enter the information manually.

Checking or Savings account guide:

  • When prompted, provide the account number and routing number.

These digits might be found on your bank statement or at the bottom of a check.

MasterCard or VisaCard account guide:

  • When prompted, enter the card number.
  • 3-digit CVV code.
  • Expiration date.
  • And further information.

Submit your included information to link a payment method to your Paypal account successfully.

Agree to terms to link an account

Your payment method will be associated with your Paypal account. Once you follow the process to link an account.

If you manually type your bank account details, the process will take 24-48 business hours since your bank was not listed.

Two tiny deposits will be made into your bank account, and this number must be entered to verify your bank account ownership.

  • Login into your Paypal account.
  • Click on the wallet tab.
  • Select your bank account.
  • Select, link your back account another way.
  • Then input the two amounts.

Input the two amount exactly as they appear on your statement to validate your deposit after two business days. Then click on the submit button to confirm.

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