How To Discover Your Gift And Fulfilled Your Destiny

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Discover your dream

A lot of people in the world don’t know their purpose or what they are created for. While some know who they are and, in the end, don’t fulfill their glorious destiny.

Why this happen it might be the person refuse to do something about it or never care. And not following it have consequence at the end.  For example suffering for long period of time ( unhappy ).

Do you want to know and achieve your dream in the end? And become that great person everyone will want to be like.

In this article, A helpful guide has been written on how you can discover your gift and accomplish your dream.

How To Discover Your Gift And Fulfilled Your Destiny

1. Discover your Gift in you

As human beings, there is one particular thing in us we are best in and love doing over and over again without feeling bored for a moment.

You might have been doing it, but unknown to you. A thing we use our passion for and perform well when we do them.

To identify what you really love in yourself.  It a simple thing and this is how to do it.

  • You should take a moment to sit down and think deeply about what you enjoy best.
  • Let me assume while thinking, you discover that you always love singing and never find it hard to compose a song, that is a hint that your passion is for music. 

If you become a musician, you have a high chance to be a good artist. That can become popular in the end.

Although from time to time, your dream can later change due to life direction or finding it difficult to see your dream as a possible thing to accomplish.

This is not bad, it is a discovery process but you need to know how to accomplish it so as not to be convinced about what to do in life.

2. Research that Field.

If you have discovered what you love doing best. This time you need to do deep research on the careers to have knowledge about it. This will helps to avoid frustration in your path when chasing your dream. 

To be honest it won’t be easy

A lot have a dream but never fulfill them in the end. Sincerely not that they are not pursuing it, it is because they don’t know how to do it right.

For example, most people that claim they are upcoming artists usually don’t pursue their careers in the right way.

Some only record and share with their  friends and on social media having little friends.

They don’t have a Facebook page for their career, YouTube channel to drop and down their latest work from them to have the opportunity to reach large audience.

And even goes to shows to perform their music to have the opportunity to became famous, or even spend money for effective promotion.

All they do is pray for famous top artist that have a record label in the music industry to sign them, which is wrong.

Even though they sign upcoming artists, you can’t expect the artist to sign everybody on their record label, only one person will be chosen among million of young talented artists.  And you can’t tell if you are the one that will be given the record deal.

Whatever your dream is, you should do deep research about it. After doing deep research. List down whatever you have learnt in the process.

This will help you to know your way in and way out of your dream. And this will give you the opportunity to succeed in the end.

You can take a class in the field and browse the internet for guides and tutorials. Millions of information are out there for free to learn. You can start the journey with  Google and YouTube 

Let me assume you find your passion in cooking, you should take a class about cooking different recipe, watch a tutorial video deal with  food aspect, or learn catering to learn how to cook delicious food.

Note:  Now that you have a dream, you don’t have to quit your job immediately. Doing so is an unwise practice follow.

3. List down your goal.

Discovering your dream is not enough and not the end of all. After finding this which is your gift, you need to take a positive step by listing all your goals in list order.

This is important to succeed in anything you plan to do in life. This goal will help you know what to do in order to become focused and successful in fulfilling your destiny.

Has the famous word say:

failing to plan is planning to fail.

Aside from it making you not fail. It will help to make you go in the right direction according to the way you plan it.

To avoid going off point that will play a negative impact on your dream.  And also help you know the level you have reached in your dream to get inspired.

To set a goal is not challenging. You only need to write down a step by step action that will be carried out, in a book or whatever interests you to jot them down.

This step will help you know where to start and how to end it well.

Unfortunately, not everybody can set goals accurately. You might set a goal thinking it is perfect, but unknown, it is wrong.

If you did not know how to set a goal, or in other words, don’t know if it is accurate, right here is a helpful guide to developing a thriving destination. 

4. Pin a board for inspiration

For inspiration and motivation, you should gather pictures that inspire you. And pin them on a board so whenever you see them, you’ll be moved with passion to pursue your dream wholeheartedly.

You only really know what will ignite your spirit when you see them. Gather them on a visible board, so you will move with passion whenever you pass them.

5. Love those around you.

Love is an important thing we should always practice in our everyday life. You should not ignore your family and friends because you are or want to pursue your dream.

Create time for them to have good moments. This also implies to those you hate because of their disburse attitude, also show them, love. Have a good character, so everyone will find it comfortable to be around you.

Although, fake friends are not the best idea to hang around with you. To avoid it affecting you, give them some space at times. Your enemies might later be your fans.

6. Avoid people’s opinions on your dream.

When you have discovered your dream, be aware that people will come to discourage you from your imagination. Even these people can be from your family.

That for example

If you want to become an entrepreneur, they will be against it. That you are going to be a model is what will fit you.

If you ignore their opinion

You will be mock even forced to quit using one thing that is so important to you to threaten you.

Or say words that will demotivate you to pursue your dream.

For example, the music you are about to venture into is challenging. You can’t defeat those top musicians earning millions with large fans.

Instead, I advise you as a friend/brother/mother/father/sister to quit and look for something else to do, even am talking from experience. This is the best advice I can ever give you.

The dream is yours, don’t allow what doesn’t please your heart—those who follow another person’s opinion end up regretting it.

There is a story about how a father forces his son to become a medical doctor because he is so rich, living financial freedom life.

This young man battles it with his Father but becomes powerless at one stage. So he gave in and studied to become a medical doctor. He finally graduated and got his first work to do surgery for a women.

Through the operations, he terribly operates the woman in a very bad way, and in the end, he ends up in jail for the rest of his life. His Father didn’t follow him to the prison but he was him alone. 

That why it good to always follow your dream. When you are doing what you are not good at, it can implicate your life.

If you are being forced into a dream that does not please you, or a dream you are not good at, run for them.

When a problem comes, you’ll be left behind to face your pain.

What you will hear from them is.

  • Who sends you a message? Can’t you decide for yourself? 
  • You are not wise, you suppose to follow your dream.
  • If they tell you to enter the fire, your self will you follow?
  • You are on your own.
  • If you know what is good for you why don’t you do it?
  • And other’s manner of blame

Remember: Those people advising you negatively today won’t be with you tomorrow when you are facing the consequences of taking the wrong step.

7. Move to a new city to explore

If where you are living is a stumbling block to your dream. The place is not giving you the privileges to expand your dream. Moving out of there is a good option to choose.

But when leaving is important you study where you are going if it is going to benefit your dream.

It is unwise to move from your present location. And still, go to the place where it is still the same as the place you left. 

Before leaving, examine the new place if it is the best fit for your dream.

For example, for a person who wants to become a musician, the best place for he/she to go is the city where people value music and can easily have connections.

But for the upcoming artist going to the village, will give them less opportunity to excel, and if care is not taken, they can end up not fulfilling their destiny.

8. Have patience when chasing your dream.

No good thing comes easily. Every great people you are seeing today, it takes them to step by step plan and process to become rich & famous in life.

So when pursuing your dream, don’t expect it should immediately come to pass.

This is the hard part many don’t want to hear. You can still have all the plans, and things won’t turn out how you expect them. 

Abraham Lincoln is a good example. Things doesn’t work has he has planned but he becomes patient pursuing his career until he finally accomplished it.

Abraham Lincoln

You can read his bio here.

9. Practice every day to be the best.

The best people are those that are celebrated in the world. You can’t hear for a single day that a foolish person is rewarded for his high degree madness.

In your dream you should always work hard putting one thing in mind that you are going to be best person ever in your dream.

It would help in long way bringing new thing to you.

And you should not stop on the level you were at that particular time. It would be best if you keep improving yourself, learning and bringing new things to the table that others haven’t done before.

Most successful people who become significant in the end are products of doing new things.

For example, if you are into swimming, learn to even swim than all fish in the water ( if possible ).

Then this way, no human in the same career will be able to beat you only when they undergo the same training you do. Before they can reach your standard.

10. Keep pursuing until you finally fulfill your dream.

There is no easy career on earth. Many obstacles are on the road to discourage you from your dream: humans and demons. But there are ways to deal with demons already. That is another topic for another day.

If everyone’s career is so easy to accomplish, all human beings on earth will have fulfill their destiny on day one, and there won’t be anything like failures in life.

When pursuing your career, you should not give up. If you give up, you will still be on the same position forever. And keep regretting it while others are making it.

Instead of keeping silent and not chasing your dream. Put more effort to come out victorious in the end.

At least chasing your dream challenge and overcoming it is better than not facing it and still feeling deep regret and difficulties in life.

Those chosen are the ones that refuse to quit in the end. Those who keep pushing on and doing it right are those that fulfill their destiny. So never stop, no matter what comes your way.

10. Start practicing to serve God

Many people have found that transformation does involve when God is in their life and career, which helps them live a good life. And have spoken it in public, being grateful.

The benefit of them having God, 

  • Gain promotion in their career they never expect it.
  • Receive favor that skyrock their job in greater height.
  • Unleashed wisdom and understanding to do the right thing in their career.
  • Things being impossible was  accomplished.

I believe you also have come across those people or seen such on television programs, news media, social media, e.t.c.

You should involve God in what you are doing in life. And have faith in him that can help you. 

To get started, attend a believing church serving God in truth and spirit. And read good material.

I also have been with him and have never regretted my action to date, after I have discovered my gift, he is who I rely on for a successful journey.

He is the creator of our life and the maker of the earth, what can he not do for you? To serve God pays.

If this article is helpful, a share will be greatly appreciated.

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