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Top working ways to make money online from home

Making money online has been the greatest opportunity many individuals want for his or her self, as they feel it’s stressless activities, and so on, but thinking if it’s real and how-to, it’s what I will be discussing here in this article.

Firstly, Do you want to make real money from the comfort of your home without going anywhere, just using only your PC or laptop?.

And is it really possible if you can make real money online, not even just only making money but passive income? The answer is total “YES”, You can make real passive income online.

But how can you make this passive income (plenty of money) online? That’s why this article is written, and I believe as you come to read it, You want to make it online. To know-how, keep reading…

If you wish to make money with zero money also read how to make money without paying anything Making money online is a perfect fit for every individual as it will give you enough free time to travel, go out for vacation, saving you from paycheck to paycheck where your mental strength is all about work, 25 hours.

When waking up you are about to prepare for the job, when sleep you are thinking to wake early not too late to the job, while others are spending their time in a good place you are busy working, and at the end of everything you end up collecting a paycheck that can’t still solve your problem and have no relied feature if it will increase.

Making Money Online Requirement

With this, you can start making money online.

  1. Phone or PC
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Money (Not Required)

1. Phone or PC

You need either a phone or pc to start an online business, as it’s what you can only use to visit the internet, as the Internet is not a physical place but digital.

2. Internet-connect

After getting your pc or mobile without an Internet connection you won’t be able to access the Internet or visit web pages, get a network service (Mtn, Glo, Airtel e.t.c), and purchase a data plan, then you are ready to go.

3. Money (Not required)

Having money alongside is also good in the aspect of promoting whatsoever you are making money from(online). Not also that important at the start because while you begin to make money online you can use the finance to start promoting if you wish to.

Depending on the individual you are and your financial status at the moment you are, you can know to yourself if it is important or not on things you lack, Remember materials things, purchasing of data e.t.c.

Note: when you begin to earn, all your needs for the online activities will be provided.

Benefits Of Making Money Online

  1. They are many ways to choose from.
  2. Option to choose a Profitable niche or fit you want to go for.
  3. It gives you free time.
  4. You don’t need to hire a staff, manager, buy some furniture, rent a space e.t.c. (but only if you want to).
  5. You can do more than one at a time ( advantage to know which one works fast and best for you).

How To Make Money Online

Here is the different type of ways you can choose from, you can try each one to see which one work best for you or directly go for the one you know you are best at.

1. Selling Ebooks

One way you can make money online is to sell ebooks, selling ebooks is a good way to start as you don’t need to be an author, you just only reprint others work, convert to ebook and sell it, you can sell and market it anywhere, on social media, amazon even your website.

You just have to upload it, you can also create your own book convert it to an ebook, and market it, you can pay the author of who you reprinted his work 10 – 20% on per sale or total sale (price varies).

In record, ebooks generate higher sales in the U.S more than books, that’s why it’s now available and selling in the market.

Here are platforms that make it easy for you to sell ebooks

.com .xom .com

2. Copywriter Job

No matter your area location or country, copywriting is the easiest online job you can do, its full of large opportunities in the market, it’s a high-demand service needed.

With copywriter you have the opportunity to begin to earn dollars, companies are looking for people who can fuel and market their product with fresh content strategy, also sending catching marketing messages e.t.c.

To become a copywriter you need to learn how to become a copywriter, but if you are already a copywriter then you can begin if it’s the best choice or fit for you, also read others to see if you can start them additional, or are more best.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is known to be an old way of earning online but up to date it’s still effective and working to date, in the feature I don’t see anyways affiliate strategy can die either, as its a way of introducing someone to a product or service.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have a company or product before you start.

Fast Tips: How do affiliate marketing works

  1. As an internet entrepreneur, To begin you need a website, blog, social page, or social group on any social platform, landing page, e-commerce site, banner ads e.t.c. Have or let me say get different places where you can spread your message to meet a large audience to get leads(interested people).

You can use all or choose a few depending on you.

  1. If you don’t have a product, instead promote other companies and sell their product using the pages, groups, blogs e.t.c(as mentioned in num1) to get your message outside.
  2. Search and create a hot topic-catching marketing niche, the one loved by people, with high search, you can check social media for high trends. Create informed content based on the product you are marketing, and place your affiliate link on a key target place.

When readers click on your link and purchase any product or services, You will get a commission, not only that anytime they begin to purchase even without clicking on your link over and over again you will keep receiving a commission.

The interesting part is you don’t need to deal with delivering the good or service. Shipping e.t.c.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

  1. You don’t worry about the creating of product, payment gateway, delivery, customer support e.t.c.
  2. All you do is promote the product, make readers click your link, and get paid for it.

4. Creating YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best places to earn online from the comfort of your home, you don’t need anything to start up a YouTube channel, and you don’t also pay any fees to maintain or to join it.

By creating and uploading videos on YouTube you will begin to earn income, you don’t need millions of views to earn. Most YouTubers earn millions of dollars every year, regarding age.

Know the best videos you can create e.g. game movies, cooking, entertainment, news e.t.c. and know what people need and search most about, create then upload and start benefiting from it.

How To Make Money Online In YouTube

1. Create a channel

This is where you will upload the videos. How to open a YouTube channel Pick a niche of what your channel will be about and start uploading videos.

Note: Be real about what you do or say, as spreading wrong things won’t make your viewers return to you. Make sure they are quality videos with value or entertainment. Not to worry you don’t need a high HD camera at first, you just need a sharp camera phone.

2. Interact with viewers

To grow a fan base, share your videos on different social platforms to get views and subscribers, and also place them on your website, and so on. What you need to be doing is to keep viewers entertained by posting and keep inviting more, you don’t need to show your face in-camera, most recorded successful YouTubers earn with a screen capture of tutorials videos e.t.c.

Then finally To start earning on YouTube is by placing ads, although you can use other ways to earn. Aside from that, Ads placement is the most common one, viewers will watch ads before they watch your video and you will earn for it and from clicks.

The more they watch the more you will earn.


How to get things to post and know what people search for on YouTube

  1. Type the keywords you want to use, then the suggestions words that are displayed down among the list are what people are searching for.


  1. Make sure you use the same keywords as what is written on your video title, description, and tag.

5. Blogging

Do you have the information you are good at?, Or an idea you know others around ask you off, something you know you can share with people and is useful. Then creating a blog to share the information is the best idea. And when you create a blog you won’t only share the information, but you will earn from it.

By Updating your blog frequently, your readers will begin to engage in your content and services. Your reader can convert to a real buyer, and you will begin to earn from that aspect. Either through ads or affiliate links, dey can purchase your product.

The reason is because of your constant update and they have begun to love you.

If you begin to update frequently on your blog, Google will also begin to like you and you can likely come out on the first page which will make your blog receive much traffic. They are many [link ways you can promote and monetize your blog.

6. Building App

Are you good at coding?, and do you know how to develop something with it, can you create an app?, ios or Android app, then using this skill is a good option.

In every phone you see today, they are always app, you can’t see any phone without an app. If you create someone that people need then you will become successful with it, don’t feel unbelief just because other bigger app is out and you can’t stand them, Think and search for what others have not brought out and started doing yours.

Or let me say you are not a programmer but have an idea of what to create, It does not matter even if you are not a programmer or not even good at coding, don’t worry you can learn programing or even hire a programmer to do the job for you.

The amount you will pay for app development varies depending on your app flexibility, quality, and functions.

You need a good app for every of your project as it’s good your app should fit and work on different phones both ios and android, in order to get users from both devices.


They are also more other ways which I will be updating, to the listed above, get the one that works best for you, and immediately start building yourself with it, and remember when working towards something you have to use the mindset of [link]how the rich people behave.

And also carry patient and sacrifice along, for nothing come easy and like magic, hard work is required, but when you start earning from it it’s far better than paycheck to paycheck, for fast idea and knowledge see the online strategy to become successful.

Do you have any questions or contributions to this topic, kindly comment below I will love to read from you.

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