How To Overcome Poverty In Life

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How to overcome poverty in life is a knowledge an individual needs to know, and not only knowing it but also to put action to overcome it.

Poverty is the worst disease ever, it’s not even good for us to pray it to our enemy. 

You can’t be able to do things to maintain your self, health, and environment. People will be looking down on you, and at the same time see you as an inferior person, all because you don’t have money, you will hardly make them your friend.

Don’t be afraid of your current situation, One thing you should know Is that poverty can be defeated. 

Why I say this is because a lot of rich people we are seeing today were not born with a silver spoon, is either someone works the wealth for them or they work it themselves. 

You might say, They are not the ones who have the wealth but someone else.

But come to think of it, the person that worked it and passes it to them, did he or she not come from a poor background? Yes, he/she did and overcome poverty.

An example of a people who overcome poverty is Danlok, a poor boy who was nobody become rich, and he is now motivating a lot of people via his YouTube channel. 

One thing I love about being rich is that it’s not meant for any color, race, or tribe. Anybody no matters the age can be rich in life to overcome poverty. 

But that can only be achieved if the individual knows the way of doing it. And I believe that’s why you are reading to know how to, in order to help yourself out.

Don’t worry, in this article the real working ways and helpful tips, have been written on how to overcome poverty forever.

These are what top billionaires also used, to get to where they are today, now let’s get started.

How To Overcome Poverty Quickly

1. Believe in yourself

Believing you can do it in life

The first step to killing poverty is by believing in yourself and boosting your faith that you can overcome the challenges you’re facing right now. 

The rich people of today also do this, they motivated themself, when they have nothing back then, and also now whenever they are facing challenges

Always have one thing in mind, challenges of one thing or the other must always come because nothing comes easy. 

But by motivating and knowing how to motivate yourself, you won’t even know when those challenges are solved.

Are you facing challenges right now it is time to boost yourself?. 

Why you should believe in yourself?

  • To have the strength to keep going in trials time: When a challenge comes the faith in you will take it down. Because most people don’t believe something great is waiting for them in the future. They commit suicide which is bad, for it’s not a wise mentality but a devilish one, and a sign of giving up.
  • For the giant in you to come alive: You’ll be able to know what you’re to do in order to become rich. Thinking less of yourself will shoot ideas that will make you great in life.

And many others… 

Now that you know, today is the time to start practicing it, in order to have the mentality to overcome poverty.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he ~ Proverbs 23:7

Always believe you can do it even if others say you can’t, you just only need to know how to.

2. Get A Good Job

Getting job to overcome poverty in life

The cause of poverty in many individual life is because of lack of sufficient money to improve their life. 

You can be working hard day and night to break out of poor standard and still remain poor. 

What is the causes of this is because of the nature of your business/job income, or maybe you don’t have it at all.

You can’t compare the person that is earning a million a day with a Person making $10 a day. There is a big difference in the two of them.

If your job is so poor that it’s still challenging for you to pay bills, it’s what is making you live less life. 

There is no spell on you that said you won’t make it in life. The honest truth someone making poor amount can’t do exceeding things in this only if the person practice to live contented life.

You should have a plan for another job/business. But don’t just quit immediately when you haven’t secure quality job, first get a good one, then you’re free to go.

Quitting first can make things worsts, and it’s a bad idea to put yourself in such a problem when you are still having a lot thing to do in your life.

In case, if you don’t have a job or your own made business, it’s time to get one. 

You can’t live without working and not be expecting poverty to remain having a nice moment with you.

Find a job or start your own business. I recommend the business, but it has its own pros and con’s involved in it. You should learn about business for more enlightenment before thinking to start one. At least through the knowledge you will have acquire, you will be able to excel in the field.

If you don’t have the money yet for a business startup, you should find a high-paying job that will cover your expenses, so as to be able to save and later on start a business if interested.

Note that not every job is profitable, they are high and low-paying jobs, and businesses out there, when finding a job or thinking to start a business, you have to go for high ones. 

Some job monthly salary is better than some business monthly income.

You can go to university to study a high course and get the certificate to apply for a great job. 

You can achieve a good job by going to schools (University) Also by going for a good daily payment job, you can also see good paying monthly or per hour, day job from a company.

3. Learn to live within your means (in order to overcome poverty)

As someone who wants to overcome poverty, you must learn to live within your means at all costs. Because this is the way you can achieve financial freedom in life and overcome poverty.

Start practicing it in your day-to-day life, then you’ll see that things will begin to work out for good. And you will be able to save well. 

4. Save money

Keeping cash

If you’re now making good money, it’s time to save some percent, no matter how small it is. 

If you start to keep that little money before you will realise it. You will have gathered enough money to start up something. 

Saving $1 or lesser can turn into $100,000. It’s just that it’ll take time, but it’s better than dreaming of a miracle.

You should not just be expecting huge money to transform your life as most people do. 

I wish million just drop down from heaven or see it in the road I won’t be poor anymore but super rich with a beautiful house, fancy car, and nice girls at my side.

The true fact is nobody will give you huge money for free, everybody also needs more money. 

If you ask Elon musk and others rich man and woman they will also tell you they need money.

If you are dreaming about this, I am sorry that you might wait forever, only if you’re planning to borrow money which has its own troubles.

You need to cultivate the habit of keeping money for present and future plans.

To save is somehow challenging, not everyone saves successfully.

When keeping the money, they fail in the end taking back the money being kept or procrastinating without saving until a year is over. 

To be a success in your saving journey, and more tips. I have listed the best working ways to save effectively.

5. Search for an opportunity

Opportunities are everywhere. There are some government programs designed to empower people’s life.

You should check in your area to see if you can get financial help for yourself. 

Also, you can ask for help from a friend and family. They can be of help to raise you out of that situation. 

It can be a job to help you financially, to be able to further whatever you want to achieve in life.

Know that opportunity Is everywhere, your schools, area, state e.t.c. it just takes you to see the opportunity and know how to use it.

6. Have an idea

Another glorious way to escape poverty ( lack of money ) is by;

  1. Thinking of an idea that will solve people’s problems and change their life. 
  2. By selling

By solving others’ problems you will surely be paid for it, just look at the example of mechanics, they repair people’s damaged cars and get paid for it.

The damaged car is that person’s problem ?. 

Solve people’s problems, then see them running to you for help bring in more money.

Ideas like what most well-known billionaires do.

6. Sell Something

Selling something

Another way to get money from people is by selling something, it can be anything.

  1. Talent
  2. Skill
  3. Product Goods
  4. Property
  5. Idea e.t.c.

When I say selling, I mean offering others the service of what you have, in exchange for money.

For example:

  • Dancing to a crowd, music video, party performance, singing to an audience e.t.c.
  • If you can cook, swim, play football e.t.c then do it for others to pay in. Get a place and cook, let others eat your food, and purchase over and over again.
  • Purchase goods from other companies at a cheap price (Wholesale) and sell them to the final consumers. 
  • If you have land, house, container, damaged car e.t.c. you can sell then to raise funds and establish what so over your dream of.
  • Share information with others who no nothing about it in exchange for money. Start a tutorial class online or offline e.t.c.

By doing all this you will begin to make funds to help maintain your life and environment.

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