Fear Of Failure: The Ultimate Guide To Overcome It Quickly

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Fear of Failure;

Are you are always scared to fail? Well, it’s natural, it all happens to everyone in general. Either big or small person. 

To overcome it, you need to practice the steps that help in overcoming it. Fear of failure has killed more than a million people who have dreams, only a few are walking to get them self out of it.

It won’t be possible to enhance your greatness if you don’t do something about it.

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ~ Paulo Coelho

If you are having this issue of being afraid, don’t worry the step’s on how to overcome the fear of failure to improve your life and become a leader have been written below.

Why you don’t have to overlook it, is because it’s a risk to your future to achieve greatness.

Let’s now know how and why of overcoming it?.

Why You Need To Deal With Fear of Failure

They’re different reasons to deal with these unhealthy habits which can cause huge damage if care is not taken. which are:

1. Full stop to a dream

I believe the moment you agree to listen to fear. That was the time you stopped thinking about the dream you have in mind or continued chasing it. 

When you decide not to listen to fear, your life will begin to have a good outcome. Once a man decides not to pursue his dream he will be a tool for mockery.

That is one of the reasons you have to start working to get rid of it.

2. You will be left behind

At the time you’re busy obeying the command of fear. Your friend, family member, and those people you’ve in mind to surprise in life with your achievement can be busy chasing their own dream, while you are not busy working on your own. 

And before you know it, they have all accomplished their dreams. That means you are left behind and such can make you regret your action.

3. Ordinary person on earth

Those who are having the fear of failure are mostly ordinary people. They are those who will come to the world and leave empty without imparting their generation and the world. 

Now that you know this, you can see it’s a risk factor for you.

4. Risking others as a result of the fear of failure

You don’t know the people you’ll impart their life so great with your vision. When you become the successful person you have ever dreamed of becoming.

Those you’re to impart will be in danger if you are listening to fear or not working to overcome the failure of fear.

For example:

If you have a dream to open a big business those who are to work under you might be jobless roaming the street looking for a job.

Now, because Tim Berners li and Robert cailliau decided to follow their dream to bring the world wide web (WWW), everyone is now benefiting from it.

Assuming those who are great never stand up to do something. This world will lack a lot of things that need answers.

Now you can see why you need to overcome the fear of failure, it’s now the time for you to overcome that fear.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Yeah…, Now it’s time for you to learn how to deal with it. Let’s get started now.

1. Imagine your dream

Since fear is to stop you to pursue your dream. You should imagine you’re already in your dream. Start thinking about how happy you will be at that moment when you achieve it.

For example: if you’re a musician start thinking about the fame, followers, exotic ride, love, and the millions in your account.

When you start thinking about all these things, It will help to get rid of being afraid to fail. Your confidence will become vital to pursuing your dream. Those benefits will give you a sense of reason not to listen to fear.

2. Question your taught

Sit down and ask yourself different questions like:

  1. What if I did not chase my dream now, what will I benefit from?
  2. The position I am in right now, am I really happy with it?
  3. What did I really want for myself?
  4. If I don’t even want to be successful what about others that it will benefit, mom, friends, the needy? e.t.c.

When you start questioning yourself. It will get to a point when you will now know the truth and never think to be afraid to fail anymore.

Your mind will be made up, no matter the condition at that particular time.

My experience:

I remembered when I was afraid to fail in a job opportunity that have attractive pay. Then I asked myself different questions like

  1. You need this money for your career, isn’t it ?.
  2. Are others not doing it ?.
  3. Why do you believe you’re going to fail to be accepted ?.
  4. If you did not do it, what will you then do ?.
  5. Where will you see capital to chase your dreams, aren’t you looking for an opportunity?.
  6. If you lose this opportunity do you know what’s next ?.

As I was questioning myself, immediately we’re I am sitting down I jump up and go for the work, to my surprise I succeeded, I was employed and the owner like me, he also hails me that day for the courage as it’s a high-class job.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free ~ Bible John8:32

3. Have a mentor

Having a mentor is a good form to get rid of failure in you. You won’t for a day think to give in fear when you see the mentor that inspires you and keeps giving you faith.

All your thinking will be to become like him\her, this alone will make you passionate to start working on your dream. And the fear of failure will be unable to have held on to you.

That is the same way those who are wealthy today get inspired and kill the fear of failure.

They all have a mentor. That’s why you’ll always hear them say “I have a mentor, he did this, taught me this, inspire me to do this, and always keep it up”.

If you don’t have an existing mentor. I will like you to get one. But make sure you choose a mentor base on your field.

For example, if you want to be a musician, follow the musical you so much love as a mentor.

Just imaging: A marketer following a footballer as a mentor. How did it sound? that’s why you need a mentor you both do the same work.

Follow your mentor on any social media they are into, to keep yourself refreshed by getting their latest update on things that matters regarding your field. This will boost your self-esteem.

4. Read great people’s biography to overcome the fear of failure

Reading great people’s biography is another good way of remaining fearless and keeping fear in the prison instead of it poisoning you.

Why read great people’s biography? because when you start to read these people’s biography life experiences and success, you will be inspired. You will learn one or two things from them, and this will make you not doubt your dream.

As you will come to the understanding, and know that the rich people you praise today also started from your position even more worst than yours. 

Note that whenever you see a rich person, either be it the person or someone have paid the price time ago.

You should start reading people’s biography to be motivated and overcome the power of the fear of failure.

5. Avoid thinking about the negative side

After all, don’t be surprised to see it come to stick you again. As I said earlier, it all happens to every human on earth.

Whenever it comes to downcasting your dream or showing you a reason to be in fear. Don’t give it in. Shut your door against it, and make it a time-to-time practice.

Why you need to avoid negative thinking

  1. If you are caring too much about the problem. Your faith will drain to zero.
  2. And the more you’re thinking the more you will see challenges, making your dream becoming harder to chase. 

But when you resist the negatives taught. The confidence needed for you to go for whatever you desire will come alive.

6. Take steps to overcome the failure of failure

To win over it, you need to take steps. As you’re taking steps, you will realize what scarred you the most is smaller and overcoming than you thought. 

And the further you’ve been on the race in pursuit of your dream. You won’t feel discouraged to turn back anymore. Before you know it, you’ve made it.

I have come to the conclusion in this article, that the listed above steps are now left for you to practice on a daily basis, to overcome the power of failure.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions to ask you’re free to use the comment box section. You will reply as quickly as possible.

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