How to start earning from facebook instantly

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How to start earning from Facebook

Earning from Facebook:

Facebook is one of the biggest social media chats with a lot of active people using it, it’s owned by Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re a Facebook fan then you’ll truly know this guy.

Apart from Facebook connecting the world socially together, Facebook also has possible ways for an individual to earn while using it.

This advantage and method are not strange, those who are aware of how to make use of it, are now making millions from it when you were busy enjoying your moments with the app by just chatting and reading feeds.

If you’re not yet aware that with Facebook you can start earning money, including the ways and methods, in this article, you’ll learn exactly how to start earning with the blue app called Facebook.

How can you start earning from Facebook, to know-how keep reading…

How To Start Earning With Facebook

1.  Be a content creator

If you have good writing techniques that people will love when you showcase them, then through Facebook, you can attract those who are in need of content creators and make money from them.

To start a content-creating career with a social app like Facebook, you have to first add the details to your profile biography.

Note: Just include who you are and how your service can be benefitting to them.

At this point, you now need to be updating your feed with amazing writeups to advertise yourself and your value.

Do this regularly by updating your feeds to make those on your friend list aware of your service.

Tips: When choosing this method, don’t spam your account with friends of different fields that won’t convert to customers.

If you want to start earning from Facebook, you need to add up people that will need a content creator.

Surely some among all will be in need of a writer, and once they have noticed your work, you will be given a job. If your work is quality, people will be giving you a constant job because they are impressed.

People interested in content creators

An example of those who are interested in content creators are:

  • Bloggers.
  • Marketers.

They know the value and need some writers to write articles or to work as a team, in order for them to be updating their blog/website frequently.

And again, it’s not only the bloggers that are in need of content creators they are others sets of fields dealing with writers, you can also join facebook group made for content creators to get client.

Before starting out in this business, trust is very important. Without that, you won’t make any money with it.

A lot of people disguise themselves to act like content creators, once they are given jobs, they cheat the clients of their money by not delivering their work which is bad.

To get people to give you work ensure that you appear as an honest person.

Let your profile picture be the real you, don’t put a picture that is not yours to avoid disqualification, which will make you appear suspicious to clients.

Doing this will make you appear suspicious to the person thinking to offer you a job, and when you’re being suspected, you won’t be given a job.

If you are a male avoid putting a female picture as your profile picture and also if you are a female avoid uploading a male picture as a profile picture.

Additionally. When thinking to work for a client, be careful not to fall into scammers, you can also be cheated after you have delivered your service successfully, you can be blocked away and your write-up will be lost.

Deal well, when rendering a service, get a trusted client and be trustworthy, then you have secure a job with Facebook to start earning.

2. Sell FB Groups or Pages to start earning in Facebook

Another way to make money using Facebook is through selling established groups or page

Celebrity gist is one of the most popular groups that attract huge fans, many Facebook members are using this process to make money, even as you’re reading this article.

Even I myself have bought groups from different people, and am still searching for more of them to purchase.

To get started with this method:

  • Open a group and name it after a popular celebrity name loved by many people.
  • Then start updating it regularly based on the celebrity you choose.

Those who are that celebrity fans will join the group or page to know the latest update about their favorite celebrity.

You can also use Famous TV programs to draw fans or any other options that are best for you.

Facebook group that attract followers

There are different group types that also attracts more member, examples are:

  1. Relationship.
  2. Skit.
  3. Memes.
  4. Football.
  5. Movies. dsghdshgdh

And a lot more, as long as you create a group that will give value to people.

Example are:

  • Information.
  • News.
  • Guide.
  • Tutorial.

Or what people are always looking for which is similar to information about things that give solutions, then expect success in it.

Once the group has grown huge and it’s engaging to attract buyers, it is then ripe for you to make money with it.

If you feel it’s now the right time to make money with that group. You should sell it to those who are interested in buying group, if not you can increase the value more for higher earning.

A group that is a minimum of 1.5K upward members attracts buyers, same goes for pages.

You might be thinking about how much can I make selling Facebook groups or pages.

You can make any amount depending on the quality of your group/page.

  1. Numbers of followers or members to your Facebook page/group.
  2. Interactions rate it gets on a daily bases or per feeds upload.
  3. Based on the selling price you set for it.
  4. Based on what the buyer agrees to pay for it.
  5. Finally, based on the amount you accepted for selling the group/page.

You’re the one that will finally determine the price you are willing to sell it. But one thing guarantees a huge exchange, the bigger the page/group value.

3. Sell ebooks

You can make money creating ebooks, which is not that challenging if you know how to market a product to drive sales.

In case you don’t know what an eBook is all about, here is a brief explanation;

EBook is also known as a digital book, it is produced for computer screen reading, and it makes learning more engaging, interactive, and accessible through computer systems. Its described as an electronic book.

As physical notebooks exist so as electronic books, which can only be accessed through mobile and computer devices.

To start earning from Facebook through this method with Facebook, you need to write an Ebook.

But be aware that not all eBooks make sales. When writing an eBook to attract sales, let it base on what people will love to read.

If it doesn’t base on this, you might find it challenging to make sell or you’ll just make low sales.

An example of Ebooks that make sales:

Books that solve people’s problems e.g

  • How to make money with Instagram,
  • how to make money online
  • How to solve relationship problems.
  • Joining family together. E.t.c.

And when writing let it be a topic that you’re really good at. By the time anyone read it, they’ll find it useful and see you as an expert in that field.

People need a different flow from a topic, not repeated ones, whenever they come across a copied eBook or text they will quickly realize. Oh, I know about this already.

Once you are writing from a different angle, you have got a high chance to make sales.

Those who read your eBook will recommend your book to their friends and love purchasing more from you, which means you’ll make money.

To make money with Facebook by using this method. You need to choose a platform to store your eBook first.

Facebook won’t pay you for sharing it on their platform. You need to store it where it will be secure for it not to be used anyhow.  So you can be able to direct and make sales.

You don’t need to worry about how you are going to collect payment from buyers, an already build payment gateway is available for any product purchase, and the money will be credited to your dashboard with you can redraw to your account.

The website where you can store your ebooks:

  • Amazon: Give the chance for eBook marketing. Upload your eBook there and share the link on Facebook. Whenever anyone clicks through the link and purchases it, you will earn money.
  • eBay: eBay also gives the chance to make money selling ebooks. You’ll name the price, whenever any visitor purchase it, you’ll make money while eBay will collect their own little share.

Be an expert in connecting to your audience, let them be aware of it.

Let them know the value they will benefit from it if they read it. This will trigger them to buy your eBook.

Also, promote it to other social media like Twitter and WhatsApp.

But this work effectively when you have a large audience already. You should build your audience in order to have effective sales.

Aside from sharing your eBook on Facebook to make money. You’ll also be earning money on Amazon and eBay and other platforms that allow people to sell their ebooks and earn when their audience purchases them.

4. Review product to earn on Facebook

People are searching hard to know more about a product they are about to purchase.

They need someone to guide them on it, telling them the benefit of getting it, the advantage and disadvantages of it.

As a reason for this, the demand become very high, that’s what makes it among the most lucrative niche – product preview.

If you venture into it by starting up a blog to share reviews for others to visit and learn, and you are good at reviewing products in a quality way. One’s you have a lot of followers you’ll make a lot of money from it.

Whenever you create an amazing video, reviewing a product, you should share the affiliate link of that product to earn a commission once a purchase is made through your link.

Once a viewer is done watching the product review if he/she finds it interested they will love to purchase that product via your link.

To begin this way to earn on Facebook, You need to have an active Facebook page that deals with reviewing products.

Give that page the name of what you want to be reviewing.

Example tips:

If it is about gadgets, give it an amazing name that will be easy to remember. or something like gadget review.

Wait, You are not done yet, after successfully having a page for your reviews, you need to promote it to get more people joining to read what you have to say about that product, and lastly click on your affiliate link ones interested, The more the member the higher the chance for huge sales.

5. Start earning from Facebook by promoting online program

Another way to earn money using Facebook is to promote a product and earn a commission for each sale, action, or conversion.

To get started with this method, you need to find an affiliate program to promote their product.

And when choosing an affiliate program it’s important you check if they are legitimate. The reason for this is to avoid falling victim to scams after working so hard to earn.

Because a lot is not legit affiliate programs, after promoting their product and earning from it, at the time for payment, either your account gets blocked, saying you go against their policy or your money will be pending there forever.

That’s why It’s important you join a well-known company that offers an affiliate program. then later on you can expand by testing others.

This process is to ensure you will be paid when you reach their required minimum redraw before doing try your luck.

In case you don’t know about affiliate marketing. This is what an affiliate program is all about.

What is Affiliate marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is a form of promoting a company, product, or service, whenever a purchase or action like registration, task e.t.c. is made by the viewers, you will be given a commission for it.

To make reasonable money from affiliates, promote more than one product. Sometimes a product can perform more than the other. Not every time a particular product can make a sale. But promoting more than one affiliate product will give you a high chance to make money even if it is not that much for that day.

To make it effective, you should have a different group or page for each affiliate product. The reason for this is when you begin to publish different affiliate programs unrelated to the page or group, it will reduce the view and engagement of the page or group.

Imagine a page/group about religion promoting an adult affiliate product, those in the group will get annoyed and leave because they see the page/group as a spamming place.

But having different groups/pages will make Facebook members:

  1. Easily find the group.
  2. Join the one that is best for them.

And if they see an affiliate program link related to the page, they won’t complain but convert to potential buyers.

If you have created a group/page. You should be updating it from time to time and also promoting it. If you have followers, once any of them use your affiliate link to purchase. You’ll earn a commission for it.

Then it means you are now earning using the Facebook app.

Note: They are free and paid affiliate programs, it’s your choice to choose which one you are good at promoting.


The way to earn with Facebook is by using its advantage to get what you want, Facebook is a social media with millions of registered members from different countries.

With these values, you can get people from any location that will be interested in your product or service and earn from them.

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