Jubna Review: Complete Details And How You Can Earn

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Jubna ads review

Jubna Complete Review, what you need to know about jubna ads network.

To start making money with a blog is either by using an ad network such as native ads or contextual ads type, or promoting a product, rendering service, and many other’s ways in the blogging world.

Using an ad network to earn from your blog is one of the fastest ways a newbie to blogging can access and start generating revenue. One of the ad networks you can start with is jabna.

Jubna is a native ad meant for publishers and advertisers, and it’s the best choice you can start with when trying to earn with your blog.

In this article, you will learn everything about jubna ads.

Jabna Requirements To Get Accepted In Their Program.

Before taking the step to apply for Jubna to earn good money using your website, you need to know their requirements. So to know if your blog is qualified or not for their program.

Same as every other ad network has its minimum requirements. Jabna also has its own, which are:

1 . Rich content

Your website should have valuable content that can positively impact readers. Your article should add value to them, giving them answers to their worries and much more.

2 . Original Content

Your content must not be someone else work. Sometimes you can write without paying attention to copy anyone’s content. Surprise, your written content can match somebody else own. 

Use the help of plagiarism tools to scan your content to ensure that they are entirely free from copied content. If you applied and the team found that you are not the rightful owner of the article, your application might be rejected.

I hopefully believe that you never want such an experience.

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3. Avoid Using  Excess Ads.

Before applying, your website should be free from distracting ads such as pop-ups and popunder. Popunder ads format is popularly known to be very distractive to visitors, directing readers out of a website. 

I believe you won’t be comfortable with how your traffic is directed to another website. 

Please don’t put any ads until you are accepted into their program to increase the chance of acceptance.

4. No Traffic is required.

If you do not have enough traffic, don’t worry, jabna does not require traffic before you can get accepted.

How Do Jubna Ads Look On a Website

Every ads network has a way they display when placed on a website.

Jubna ads display
Jubna ads display. Credit: jubna

Their ads display professionally and attractively to generate clicks for you to earn money. 

Suitable ads display that will drive clicks easily is an essential aspect to consider when joining any ad network.

How To Register Jubna Account

The registration process is cheap to go through. Here is the step to get started.

Step 1: Visit the official website

Before registering an account, you must visit Jubna official website to start. To register, use their official URL www.Jubna.com. 

Step 2: Click the register section. 

After landing on the official website, click the create a new account. Then the registration page will be open in the next section to perform the necessary action to have an account with them.

Step 3: Fill in the details correctly. 

In this section, you will be asked to include your details, email, username, e.t.c. So fill in your primary information and make sure it’s an accurate detail. Before pressing the proceed button.  

Step 4: Accept Jubna Terms And Conditions

These rules are to follow, but the good news is that they are not difficult to follow. However, these rules and regulations are not for evil but in place to make the Jubna a good place for advertisers and publishers.

These are jubna rules. 

  1. You must not click on the ads displayed on your website. Doing this will result in your account being blocked.
  2. You must not send bot traffic to your website. Using a bot to generate pageview and clicks will result in your account being terminated.
  3. You must not encourage anyone to click on Jubna ads displayed on your website. Jubna has an intelligent system to detect invalid clicks and traffic. When caught, your account will be deleted or banned from the program.
  4. It would be best if you didn’t use any trick means to get pageview and click using PPC, bot traffic website, or auto traffic program that exchanges traffic. Using all these methods is prohibited.

To avoid regretting it by, getting your account suspended at the end after working hard to make money by cheating. You should be honest and follow the Jubna rules. Doing so, you won’t have any issues with them.

If you work hard spending time generating real traffic, you will surely make it in the end. Hard work pays off more than finding an intelligent way to deceive Jubna ads network or other ads. The truth is you can’t cheat technology.

Step 5: Verify your account

An email message will be sent directly to your include email for account confirmation. Locate your email inbox, or spam box, then click the message by jubna. After completing the process, the account will be successfully activated to log in.

Jabna Minimum redraw

Jabna minimum redraws it not that much. Your account revenue will be sent to your provided account once they have hit or surpassed the minimum threshold.

Jubna Payment Date For All Publisher

Every publisher’s money is issued on the 7th of each month. But those who are qualified to receive payment are those that have acquired the minimum withdrawal. However, this can be achieved.

As a publisher, You are now the one to choose according to the suitable options.

Which are :

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

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How Much You Can Earn With Jabna Ads.

This is how much you can earn with Jubna. Traffic coming from top-level countries is more effective than traffic not coming from that location. 

According to my experience, the expected rate to earn with tier 1 countries is $3 above upward. At the same time, tier 3 countries are $1 to $3.

Is Jabna A Legit Ads network, To Use For Your Blog? 

When writing this article, I can tell you it is a legitimate ads network. You can trust and use it to earn with your blog. 

To avoid upfront issues that will get your account into trouble, you should comply with their rules and regulations to avoid complicating things that will affect you negatively. 

I firmly believe you don’t want such to happen to you, which no one ever wanted.

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