How To Make Money Online In Nigeria The Legit ones

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Make money online in Nigeria

How to make money online in Nigeria has been the thought of many individuals leaving in the country, the same goes for other countries.

Everyone is looking for ways to make money in their country, and the only place you can get fast information about what works in your country is a place like this – a blog website.

Have you been searching on how you can make money online in Nigerian thinking of the platforms that’ll let you start earning money right away? Then you are in the right place. 

Advantage Of Online Ways To Make Money

If it’s a physical business you are limited to one work and your environment, because you can’t take your business all around to get customers, and you can’t divide yourself into two, to perform different tasks. 

But when we talk about online business, you can do more than one in a day, and it has the advantage of expanding by promoting your work to different people. And at the end, it will be giving you customers from different places in different areas, states, countries e.t.c.

You can be a full-time online worker if you can secure an online job that’s already paying you, and if it’s enough to take care of your daily need.

These days, there are different ways you can make money online in Nigeria which have been listed. These methods are not a secret anymore, am listing them out to you for free.

This is what you’ll learn here for Quick Reading. Content summary:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Content Writer
  3. Selling products online.
  4. Teaching your skills
  5. Survey site
  6. Forex trade
  7. Blogging
  8. PTC site.
  9. Online betting
  10. Vlogging

The above listed are the platform you can choose from to start with. But before we move to the main section, let’s look at the importance of earning online.

Why Should You Do Online Business In Nigeria?

There is a basic reason you can do online business. No doubt, Even after reading, some of you might not do any of the listed ways, taking it as normal stuff. Saying have read about this over and over again – boring.

Not your fault. Have been in your shoe before, around 2017 – 2020 thinking it’s not possible to make money online. Until a friend of mine call me and say, he looks at his earnings so far,  he had made a million in a year with his website.

Another one also calls me again saying, he just earn $300 worth of cryptocurrency and many others…

I was like, what have I been doing since.

Now am into it, and I can tell you that am enjoying myself. But note, it is not as easy though. But is worth doing.

So here are the reason you can do online business in order to make money in Nigeria.

  • Achieve financial freedom.
  • You’ll be a full-time boss of your own, which I believe is what you always dream of becoming. Everyone dream of this.
  • Have free movement without thinking to do boring low paying jobs in Nigeria Worthing N10,000. Paycheck to paycheck.
  • Working your whole time on jobs or businesses that don’t guarantee great or even good futures.
  •  Avoid working 6 am to 10 am like what most jobs offer people to do. And a lot of other’s reasons are not mentioned here.

The big question now is:

How will I start to make money online in Nigeria, please show me the road I need to know.

Don’t worry it all am going to show you right away.

The following online business has been written for you, to start your journey to make lucrative figures.

After reading, all you should do is choose the one that’s best for you, or you are good at, then start to take action immediately.

If you have some questions. You’re free to ask us via the comment box section after this content.

How To Make Money In Nigeria 

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a place to make money online which has endless ways. But before using this platform to make money online in Nigeria. You need to have useful skills people really need so much to deliver and get something back in return 

For example:

  1. graphics designer.
  2. App development
  3. Website designer
  4. Programmer
  5. Content writer
  6. Copywriter and many others…

You can check the gigs available on their official website to have an insight into what to venture into.

One’s you have any of these skills listed or a different one people need, you will begin to earn huge money with it one’s you start getting clients – customers. 

2. Writing content

Are you good at writing content that is amazing and capable to impart a reader’s life?  It’s also a printing skills to generate income online in Nigeria. 

There are a lot of platforms that give the privileges to write for them and get paid back for the valuable work done.

Many folks in Nigeria are using their writing skills to make awesome money already right now reading this article.

Some website owners hire writers and pay them per content N1000 to N5000, depending on the quality of the article and niche.

Not only that, there are others who hire writers and pay even bigger.

They are also other content-sharing platforms that pay people for writing content.

If you’re the type that doesn’t have graphic skills and others, but you’re good at writing good and quality content. You can earn with it, it’s also a skill. 

A lot of people are truly benefiting with their writing skills and earning a living. If you’re not a good writer you can learn to be one.  At least it pays off, than doing nothing.

After all, you’re going to use it to make good cash. 

Learning to be an effective writer is in no way difficult. Through reading books and continuous practice writing everyday. You’ll come out in flying colors turning to a expert writer. 

Note: At first your writing skills will be so bad. But in the end, it’ll come out awesome. Many great writers you love their writing pattern started from poor writing but practice until they become a great writers.

And finally, don’t start searching for who to write for while your written skill is bad, improve first before showcasing it. 

3. Selling products online

The internet is taking over the market these days. People in Nigeria are now purchasing online, just the same way foreign people order a product online direct to their house.

Some are not comfortable with the normal traditional way of buying things, by walking to the shop.

People now prefer to use their cards to order products online and wait for them to arrive. This shows that online marketing now has an opportunity we can take advantage of.

You can sell stuff online to make huge money in Nigeria. Just as in a natural market you sell products face to face to customers.

Things are different online, this time you don’t sell face to face but through mobile communication, and this time you need to know how to make an online business successful.

The stuff you’re to sell is either your own made product or selling a company product to make money. 

Here are examples of online platforms you can sell your product in Nigeria

For foreign countries. 

  1. Creating a store.
  2. Amazon
  3. swappa
  4. eBay
  5. ducluttr
  6. poshmark
  7. Etsy

You can choose one of them to start making a living out it.

4. Teaching Your Skills Online

Selling Your Skill online

Do you have useful skills? Do you have what people will be eager to learn when you present it to them?

Like ” Please I need to learn this,  can you teach me.

If you have the skill to teach, you can make money with it. 

Many are using this method to make cool cash online, having about hundred of thousands of students under them learning their skills.

You may ask this question:  How am I going to do it, am interested.

It’s simple, You can use different social media apps for it. But the one I recommend most is Instagram and WhatsApp. 

If you’re wondering which type of skills exactly?.  Example are:

  1. Hairdressing.
  2. Programming.
  3. Dancing.
  4. Cooking
  5. Baking and many others.

… and a lot more.

Different people are looking for will teach them skills ( a professional ).

To get people under you learning the skills you are offering to them, you should have the agenda to give out the best with your whole heart helping  your fellow human being on earth to be empower.

Doing this will even trigger God in heaven to bless it ensuring it fruitful.

And at the end those who are glad with the rich tutorial will invite their friend’s in the next lesson. And this will boost the next registered member, in which will double the revenue.

Every human on earth are not equal some have not yet defeat poverty in their life.

To have high crowd you should lessen your price to make it affordable to people who don’t have much.

When people around hear about the helpful training that will impart their life in a positive way, they will rush in not to waist that offer presented to them.

And you know that the internet can accumulate millions of people in your page/group.  Because right now Instagram and Facebook have millions of active user’s.

Let say for example, if your training is 10,000 Naria and you willing to teach them making the tutorial so quality. And if about 1000 people are interested to learn from you  and have paid the money. That is you will be making N100,00000 at the end of the day.

Even let me make it more cheaper like N1000

N1000 × 1000 registered members = N1000,000

Automatically you will become  a millionaire overnights.

5. Survey Site

You can earn online by just giving answers to questions, and giving the right opinion on what you support as the answer to the question. And get paid in return one’s you have completed the survey.

One of the amazing things about it is that it won’t take much of your time.

But to be honest, there are many fake survey websites out there. But don’t let that be a burden to quit.

As they are fake, also they are legitimate survey sites. You only need the legit ones, so as not to spend money, data, and resources and end up not getting paid.

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6. Forex trade


Forex trade is another lucrative online business to earn. But it needs some expertise, experience, and knowledge on how to use it to earn it. 

  • You need to have an understanding of how the currency is being traded.
  • Watch the chart like a full professional.
  • Use the provided measurement tools, to trace the signal.

With other’s important factors that will let you be successful. 

If you dive into being a pro. You can end up becoming a professional and successful one at the end.

  • George Soros: Is a well-known professional in forex trade, who has earned $8.6 billion. his being called was a king because of his enormous expertise in it.
  •  Stanley Druckenmiller: is a partner who works with George Soros as a mentor. Who also have successfully earned about 3 billion. E.t.c

Earning here doesn’t come easily, with magic and always. To be successful in it, you have to be fully disciplined and trade with carefulness, for you can win and at the same time lose all your capital if you play with high risk.

7. Blogging

Blogging is one popular and lucrative way to make money online In Nigeria. Which has turned many into millionaires as they venture into it.

One good thing about blogging is that you can make it a full-time job if things turn out in your favor. Which can become possible when you work hard.

You might be thinking about how much money can I make in this blogging of a thing. The truth is, It’s unlimited, depending on you.

There are different ways to make money with blogging that are legitimate.

And how do they make this money ?. it’s through Ads networks such as AdSense, Propeller ads, selling their personal product, and affiliate marketing.  This is what brings $100 to $ 100,000 for them.

But to be honest, blogging is not a rice and stew game. You need to be hardworking and spend some money to build it up.

Here are different platforms you can start your blogging career. In order to become wealthy like the popular Nigerian female blogger. Linda Ikeji 

There are different platforms to create one for yourself which the following

  1. WordPress: Free
  1. Blogger: Free
  1. Wix: Free

You should choose one and create a websites for yourself.

Mazinpro is created with WordPress because it not complicated to use.

8. PTC Site  

This method is a good way to earn online right in Nigeria. I believed you would have heard about it or haven’t ?.

If you’re just new to it.  PTC website works by clicking on ads and getting paid in return, in which you can redraw it to PayPal and later move the fund into your Nigeria bank account, only if you have created a Nigeria PayPal account that sends and receive money, for it has been restricted.

The amount you can earn with it is depending, ranging from $1 to $ 10 in a day.

9. Online Betting In Nigeria.

I don’t really recommend this to make money. But there are people into it, that have become rich, either by playing it or promoting the platform.

Examples of online betting are:

  1. Bet9ja.
  2. Sportbet.
  3. Betking E.t.c.

When playing a bet, make sure you use an amount you can afford to lose for each game. so it won’t affect you.

By using a huge sum, it can affect you physically and spiritually. Many people’s lives have been miserable playing this game, Why?: Because they risk all their capital.

And at the same time, many have used it to help themselves. And these people are those who do it in the right way, or risk and get lucky.

10. Vlogging

Vlogging - make money online in nigeria

YouTube is now popularly well used in Nigeria. I believe that you know about it and have been watching amazing videos of people acting skits, teaching guides, and advising about wealth and others.

An Example: Danlok who is one of my favorite mentors who teaches me how to become Rich, earn online, and he is now his own boss. 

This guy is so good in his teaching, his words will make you have the mentality of how the rich behave, to help your footstep in becoming rich in life. 

YouTube is free to join and top people are making mouth watery money. Decide on what you want to offer, and share the information to your subscribers at the basic time you choose.

  • Creates channel.
  • Share video content.
  • Get subscribers.
  • Get watch time views.
  • Motinize.
  • And start earning.

11. Earning by creating app

Creating app - make money online in nigeria

Another interesting way to earn income and feel sweatless breakthrough is by creating an app. 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, You can create apps from scratch or use an already made platforms that gives you the opportunity to create them without having any coding knowledge.

Just by arranging one or two things together which are easier even if a person is a dummy. 

Examples of such a platform to create an app without coding  knowledge are the followings:

  • App creator 24 : You can create app for free and premium features is also available.
  • Apply pie : Free & premium available. You can create different app to start making money online in nigeria.
  • And many others…

But if you know how to code. It’ll be better to do it yourself. Because you’ll be able to create more advance features according to your taste.

Although it’s not a must to learn coding language before creating an app. You can hire someone to get the job done for you.

12. Opera mini hub

Opera is one of the popular browser use among Nigeria and other’s countries.

I believe you might have it install in your phone, am i right ?.  in case  you don’t have it install, its a nice browser and most have. It give Free data daily for browsing. You might love it.

This browser is also built with a reward program, giving people the chance to earn money by writing content for them. 

I believe you have seen this on the home page of the browser.

Opera news feeds

The news you see is written by people like you. Whenever you click and read the news, they get paid for it.

You can register in the opera mini news hub to be among their creators, and post to start earning. It’s free to get started. With it, you can take it as a side business.

A lot of males and females are writing their full time marking huge. A friend of mine earn about N400,000 in 6 months.

This figures is impressive for just writing.  Join now to start earning. For full details about how it works you can check it out.

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13. Scooper

Same as opera mini but a different platform. You’ll get paid for writing for them. The more you write the better the earning will grow.

Per dollar is what they pay when they lunch, but their earning ways have been changed and can be changed anytime again, which is still pretty good. You can learn more about them and they’re earnings on their official website.

14. Coding 


Coding is one of the top hottest business in Nigeria to make a good living, for it have attractive reward offer – payment.

You can use coding skills to make money online. But before this can be possible you have to learn it. 

Here are few coding language to learn.

  1. HTML –  Make up language
  2. JavaScript – site functions
  3. MySQL – database
  4. CSS – staying of website. 

And a lot more.

Be aware that learning this coding language will be complicated at first time when learning it, but for some time If you keep on practicing you’ll be master over it and start making N100,000 upward by creating an app for clients. And there are different place to get a job For example, You can get a job in fiverr

Also, you can create your personal app  to be the next top app billionaire.

Let me give you a story for inspiration.

A friends I no through my younger brother want learn how to build a app.

Back then he was doing teacher work collecting N10,000/monthly. And I believe you know how this money is so poor in Nigeria.

Being broke, he decided to learn coding language by himself, he takes different course using apps that teaches how to code for the first time.  Later after many month of practicing hard, he finally learn it. 

He get his first job in a big company, after doing the job he got paid. 

His life transform so high, he quit teaching job to focus on coding language.  Now he can create banking apps and many others strong app..

At the time of writing this article, guess what! he is using quality laptops with solar energy installed in his house giving him stable light because of the nature of the coding job. 

Companies that have give him job contact him for maintainace of their app and pay for the services straight away.

Now my brother is inspiring also. He is learning it and now good in coding language. He can create forum, website, income program. This theme you see on mazinpro was created by him.

If you’re interested in learning how to code here is a helpful article to start your journey.

15. Sell photo online

Every one love taking photos to see their beauty. No doubt you’re among the set of people that do so.

Do you know those photo in your phone can bring in money including the old one’s. 

There are platforms that pays for photo, Worthing $5 upwards.

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