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How to open a pdf file on windows and mac and solve error not opening

On every device, you can be able to read any pdf file, it’s not limited to any devices as technology has upgraded and begun to advance and making things easier for us.

With the right software and app, you can be able to read a file.

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are being used to create, share documents, pdf is a different type of document whose operations requirement varies on different operating systems and software in order to open it.

With the right software, you will be able to open it. on how to?, Keep reading…

How to open PDF files on a PC (Window)

If you are a windows user here is how to open a pdf file with it.

On how to open a PDF file it’s a little confusing but the process becomes simple when you do know how to.

Here are the things you need to know.

1. Install PDF Reader To view PDF files you need to download and install a pdf reader for Windows, they are some that offer free versions you don’t have to pay for it like Adobe e.t.c they are more out there you can [search].

Download Adobe Reader…

Note that you can only view PDF documents but you can’t create and edit, you can use online pdf to edit.

By default window 8 comes with a PDF reader if you don’t want Adobe,  or they are no need to download it.

2. When installing Adobe, Decline the McAfee offer, Most users don’t like using it, as you too also might not, to disable it, a box will be displayed and automatically checked to add McAfee to your computer, uncheck the box to remove it.

3. Double click the PDF file you want to open after you have successfully installed the abode reader.

It will open automatically displaying what’s written in the PDF file.

4. But if not, Enter a password if it’s required,  the PDF reactor can secure the software with a password at times, at this moment you need the password to unlock it.

Error Solving

1. If a program is required for the file to open.

After installing the abode reader and the file seems not to open, then you need to add reader together with pdf files.

Scroll your mouse controlling the light pen over to the pdf file, then right-click the mouse and go to option (open with), and select abode reader.

But if it’s not listed among the program,  use the browsing area click on windows Icon, and use the browsing area (Search bar).

Also, search this location as its normal store like this

:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader.

Reason Why PDF Might Not Open With Abode Reader.

1. It required a password.

The creator has blocked the access of using the PDF features using a password,  if it asked for a password and you seem not to have or no it, then you need to contact the creator for it.

Another method is by using a password tracking program, if the password is strong it won’t be that easy to generate as it will take hours even days just to recover it.

You can use the most popular and high-rated password tracker Advanced PDF Password Recovery by Elcomsoft.

Only the pro gives the access and tools to recover all passwords, it’s at the price of $99.

2. Compliance Reason

It may not want to open the PDF if it did not comply with PDF standard, this usually occurs to PDF file that is not created with an abode reader. Or if you are trying to open an old PDF file with a new abode reader update.

If you can’t see it to open then try another means by using another PDF reader, most of them are free or gives free trials.

You can use google drive, but it might display it its own way, but the fact is you will still be able to open it. Or usw Foxit and a lot more.

How to open PDF files on a mac

1. Open The Preview File

Mac comes with a file named preview,  this tool can open a large number of files including PDF files, with Preview you can read a pdf file but you can’t edit it.

On how to edit a pdf file it’s explained here.

2. Change the default software used to open PDF files.

If you have a different PDF viewer you want to use instead of preview,  you can change the default and set all PDF files to open with your selected choice.

How to:

In Finder select a PDF,  don’t open it, click on the file menu, and select the option “get Info”. Hover to “open with ” and select among the drop-down list the software you want to choose, then click change all.

3. Enter a password

That’s If a password is required,  then this means the author has put restrictions to protect it from unauthorized readers from opening it.

Then you need to contact the author of the selected software you choose to get the password.

Another way to open it is by cracking the password if you don’t have it.

If you wish to choose this option, iStonsoft PDF Password Remover for Mac is one of the best in the market, and it’s a high rate.

Note that if the password is strong,  cracking it can take hours or days to crack.

Encounter An Error?.

1. Unable to open with Safari.

After an update with safari, one of the abode plugins can cause an error for you not to open it, the way to solve it is by deleting the plugin and restarting Safari.

2.  Open Library → Internet Plugin → Delete AdobePDF plugin.   Or    Open /User/Username/Library/Internet Plugins/ and delete AdobePDF plugin.

After this restart Safari and open the PDF file again.

3. Unable to open safari pdf saved file.

The notice “Could not open PDF name because..”  Occur when you save a pdf file by using Safari “Save As” or “PDF Export” option.

Again open the file in Safari → Click on (disk)save button top of the window → or through the menu that appears when you move the mouse to the bottom – the center of the page.

Save it to your computer and open the newly saved file.

File(PDF) not downloading in Firefox browser

If you are also trying to download PDF using Firefox,  and none seems to download,  then the error may be coming from the abode plugin.

How to solve it.

1. Click on Firefox menu → tools → Add-ons → Acrobat NPAPI Plugin → Then disable it. And try downloading again with Firefox.

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