Paypal Limitation: Reasons And How To Avoid It

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PayPal limitation of account is what many users are facing right now in their account. And this has been a challenge for those who are into freelancing and those who deal with business matters. As a reason for this, new and already register PayPal users are now scared to make use of PayPal preferring to go for the best  PayPal alternative. 

I have seen people whose money is being stuck in their PayPal account, some successfully get their money back while others lost it.

And to be honest, it is painful to see the money we work so hard to get, ending up not reaching our hands, this isn’t progress, but the question is what is the reason for the account limitation and freezing of accounts.

It’s either their action knowingly or you going against their terms and condition.

PayPal doesn’t just limit accounts for no reason, they are things that trigger them to do so. And when we know all these reasons and avoid them, we won’t have any issues with the PayPal teams.

Are you searching for possible ways to solve and avoid limitations to your account? In this article, you’ll learn how to avoid PayPal limitations.

How To Avoid Paypal Limitations 

1. Use Untouched Unique Information to avoid Paypal limitation

PayPal limits most people’s accounts because their information is similar to someone’s own. 

To avoid the PayPal limitation issue, the first time when you want to open a PayPal account, ensure that the information you want to use is not the same as your friends, family, or someone that is having limitation problems with Paypal.

Try as much as possible to make use of different information that does not match anybody’s own. Use your personal information instead to avoid PayPal limitations, to be on the safer side, and avoid experiencing such.

2. Verify your PayPal account with accurate detail.

One of the popular reason PayPal limit a lot of people’s account is when the person’s debit, credit or prepaid card details are not the same as the one he or she uses to register the PayPal account.

For this, they will see it as a suspicious action and limit the account.

To avoid a limit in your PayPal account, whenever you want to connect your card ensure the name is the same as what you fill out when registering the account for the first time of creating it. 

If it’s John you fill out, make sure the card you are about to link to your account carries the name John in it. Avoid using detail that is entirely different. 

That is why it’s very important when signing up for the first time you should make use of your real details and know the details well to avoid upfront issues of limitation.  

3. Don’t withdraw or transfer funds quickly.

Whenever you get paid either through online business or from someone, sales, ensure that you wait for long before sending it or redrawing the money.

If you’re in a country where PayPal is limited.  If you immediately redraw funds that were credited to your PayPal account, then your account will be limited.

To avoid this let the fund spend long hours before making use of it to purchase, send e.t.c, or redraw to your linked bank account.

4. Avoid changing details regularly to avoid PayPal limitation

At times you might feel like changing your account details, changing it is not a bad idea, but one’s you’re changing it from time to time it will complicate your accounts.  

To avoid PayPal limitations problems, leave your account details the way it is. Even if they are reasons you need to change it avoid doing it from time to time. 

5. Don’t use E-trade as a bank

When using PayPal don’t use E-trade.  According to the experience of a lot of people 

E-trade have be the reason for the limitation in their account. 

Avoid using it, if it happens to be that you are still making use of it, you should likely opt out from that process to avoid PayPal limitations at an unexpected time.

6. Ignore anything proxy to avoid PayPal limitation

Anything that has to do with proxy, avoid using them.

Avoid things which are as the following.

  • Proxies
  • Using other countries’ IP addresses.
  • By using WiFi from the public to sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Tor  Browser.

If you avoid the following listed. Your account won’t have any issues.

Once’s PayPal team detects a negative connection in their system or your account it will resolve to limitation.

Things like this can get you implicated in features, which can come from:

  1. Account verification.
  2. Accessing without turning on VPN.
  3. Document and banking system.

Kindly avoid anything that will cause limitation to your PayPal account, it can really be a serious loose to you if you have funds in it or expected funds with no access to receive them anymore. 

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