7 Secret Tricks To Get More Clicks On Opera News Hub

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More click on opera news hub

More clicks on Opera News;

As it’s being said knowledge is power, by having the rightful knowledge on how to do a certain thing, it will reduce the long stress of learning by mistake, and will make results come quicker.

I believe you want more insight and knowledge on how to get more clicks on opera news hub to become successful in it.

In this article, every step needed have be covered.

If you are not yet a member of the opera news hub content publishing platform, you will want to know how it works and how to get started with it.

If you are already a registered member you might not need that, but only if you register without knowing the full information about it.

Are you done with the information, Now let’s get started on how to drive more clicks on opera hub?

How To Get More Clicks On Opera News Hub

If you have to join the opera news hub and you’re just writing, Note: while writing, if you are doing the wrong thing, you won’t make a single penny.

Maybe even if you make a penny, it won’t be encouraging and this can lead to frustration to make you finally quit. 

And this is bad because, others like you are earning so huge with this platform, as their money printing machine.

What you’re lacking is only the secret.

Those who have the secret are the ones enjoying the beautiful moment with it. It’s not that they are being loved by the opera editors, No; it’s because they know what is working and what is not working.

And this is what I’ll be teaching you in this article today, the secret. 

Before writing this article, I’m a big fan of reading news and entertainment gist in opera mini a lot, because it makes me feel happy, I love being entertained to burn off boring moments.

I use opera mini to the extent that my mother and my brothers abuse me, saying opera mini has posses my brain. After all, I’m using opera mini for free, with a free daily 50MB.

Reading through the post being published, I discover what I like and don’t like in some posts, and have more insight into what works best. 

For this, I realize something, which could be the reasons some friends I know are complaining they are having fewer clicks which is resulting in them having less earning, for the more clicks the more the potential to earn great.

For this, I decided to write this article, for it will be of help to people who are about to join to start earning money or are already there but feeling frustrated.

So here is how you’re going to do it, to be among the king, for the game is fierce.

You have to play smartness. many smart writers are digging deep to make money with it. If you’re not playing the right way, you’ll be left behind.

How To Get More Click To Earn Big As an Opera News Hub Creator

1. Too catchy headlines

In everything, after the writing of awesome content, it’s your headline that matters most.

What is the importance of this headline? it’s that, it should trigger anyone that comes across it, to draw their interest to click it and read the article.

For example the title (heading) 

karmic relationship

You see it doesn’t trigger that much. But by adding the word.

The undenied sign of every karmic relationship

This added word makes it catching, isn’t it?.

That undenied sign word will stick a taught in their brain, for example,  let me check what are those undenied sign. From that, the viewers will be willing to click to read.

The more catching the heading (title), the more clicks you will get.

Take a look at this picture below..

Opera catching article headline example
Source: Opera Mini

You see how the title is tempting to click, with this kind of post, the writer will get amazing clicks from it. And that’ll bring in money.

Learn to always put catchy headlines, but don’t make it too deceiving always. Too much of it will make your post be denied or you might get blocked. Like:

“10 most dangerous uncontrollable men sitting on the wall holding earth” – an example of fake news.

Make it simple and sweet then expect clicks that will make you money.

2. Interesting writing styles

Writing catchy headlines has not done the job finally, your content is now the next important thing to focus on.

The bad your content is, the reader won’t be interested to go further, and this will result to bounce back. 

You, imagine yourself feeling attracted to a title and click to ready only to see rubbish writeup won’t you go back ?. That’s how it is to others.

What is bad content?

  1. Content that the intro or the whole write-up doesn’t match with title.
  2. Content with a spelling errors, boring at the first to the fifth line.
  3. Content with no interesting statement in it.

Although you can’t be perfect, try letting your intro appear entertaining. I also haven’t been 100% perfect, but my continued practice will help me to be a great writer.

3. Latest trends

Trending gist

Trends are a way to get clicks faster without taking much time of expectation, the same goes, to post with values. 

This is good for whosoever is into anything like news and entertainment.

If you’re around this niche you have just found a goldmine.

To use this strategy to drive high clicks in order to earn in opera news hub hugely, be publishing based on what is trending around social media and news websites. 

To make use of this simple and working trick, you don’t have to start running, searching, and asking around what is trending at the moment. 

How to get top tends and make it work for you.

  • Make use of Google trends or others.
  • Subscribe to any top news website to get fast updates direct to your mail.
  • Then be an active writer to publish the latest stories before it cast.

4. Long-form content

Long-form articles are discovered they perform better than short-form content. Such write up are known to be useful packages with a lot of information that will be an impart to readers’ life.

When writing, ensure your write-up is a minimum of 300 words upward. But this depends on what you’re writing about though, some types of content types required 1000 words upward e.t.c.

5. Updating frequently with fresh posts

Writing article
Credit: clipart-library

Being active is the key to bringing in more clicks that will result to a good income. Posting one’s in a week won’t bring you amazing results in the end.

You have to be a vigorous writer. Less writing brings in a poor click. This is a business, you’re making money from it, then you need to be active in it.

Successful people take their online business seriously. Although it is impossible to write every day at least manage to write because this is a business and your frequently written guarantee more revenue to you.

6. Sharing with friends

Do you have great and well-written posts? share them with your friends on your social media account, to drive your friend and family to read the content and earn from them. 

This will drive massive traffic to the post. But don’t forget to tell them to engage frequently on your posts, and to follow you up for more updates.

Method to make it effective.

  • Publish great content that people love. When those on social media knows that you always publish quality article they will love to visit to click to read more of your write-up.
  • Whenever you share an article written by you. They will always like to check it out, if you have offered them a good write-up, in your previous shared article. 
  • You need to have huge friends. For example, if you’re having 10K friends 2K+ can visit your post. But if it’s only 50 friends It might be that only two will visit, isn’t that poor ?.
  • I believe you know that not all content works, some are not attractive to move anyone to read. When thinking to write, plan what will be interesting and share it with friends.

Following this will attract many clicks from social, plus the clicks from opera mini readers. Before you accumulate them all you would have generated huge clicks that will generate good money. 

7. Use attractive Images. 

Pictures are a magnet to the brain, it makes the article look interesting and explain more about a post. What the post is all about and more.

Before publishing a post. Find a picture that matches so well with the post you are about to publish and make sure it’s explaining and giving value to your content. 

Note: Don’t go around downloading pictures from others’ websites, for you can go against copywriter law if the image you make use of is licensed, which can cause harm to your account.

Go to a website that provides free images without a license in it. 

Examples are:

  1. Shutter stock
  2. Pixabay
  3. Pixalab: I prefer this because all pictures are totally free to use.

By using pictures, it will trigger click-through rate. 

Headline (Topic) is great, but with a bad picture, readers won’t have much interest in reading what you have to say, for it as show negative value to them.

Take a good look at this example.

Unhealthy man
How to be healthier than before – working methodImage Credit: Shutterstock

So now, whenever choosing a picture take your time before adding it. 


I have come to the end part of this article, I believe this write-up has helped you in one way or the other.

You can share it with others and drop a feedback question if any using the comment box below, I will love to hear from you and will reply as quickly as possible.

Author: Bigb Uche

Am a blogger, musician and love sharing information to others to benefit from. I hope you enjoy my write up.

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